Fox Cancels J.J. Abrams Thriller, Alcatraz

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May 11, 2012

A few days ago, I wrote a roundup article regarding Alcatraz season 2 — it’s overall rating for the first season as well as some critical reviews. At that time, the prison drama did not manifest a sustainable figure for the series to continue. Therefore, it was perceived to be “likely to be cancelled” in a bubble watch article from Zap2it last February 2012.

On a recent announcement made my Fox, the network officially cancelled the show produced by Star Trek’s J.J. Abrams. Furthermore, according to an article from NZ Herald, “No official reason was given by American network Fox for the decision. Reviews for the show were good, but ratings dived over its first season.”

Sam Neil who plays Emerson Hauser also expressed poignancy for Alcatraz. On Twitter, he tells his followers that “Yes Alcatraz is cancelled. Very sad today. We’d only just begun.”

On a related news, however, Fox has also decided to pull the plug on the spin-off series of Bones, The Finder. Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch on the other hand, has been given a chance for season 2.

Sorry fans, looks like Alcatraz is now officially thrown in death row. Guess we’ll never know what lies behind those imprisoned mystery.

  • Kev

    Very disapointing to hear there’s not going to be a second session, but I do understand why
    In the first half of the session, they fed you enough clues to keep you guessing, and the story’s about the inmates where somewhat captivating. In the later episodes it became more about the why an how they where coming back rather than the individual inmates.. I felt it did slip a little, but you could see how it was really just beginning…
    I enjoyed the final episode, although I was frustrated with the ending..

  • Rapatapouet

    It’s more than disapointing… I can see a few season, getting to know those inmates, that was a great way to get some history for those who live too far to go and see Alcatraz on their own.

    2 thumbs down for Fox!

  • j

    It totally sucks that Alcatraz was cancelled. It was an interesting show and I wanted to see where it was going. The networks always do this. JJ Abrams is amazing and MAYBE the networks should look at quality not quantity. Just sayin…