Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: What happens in Season 5 premiere's first 20 minutes?

Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: What happens in Season 5 premiere's first 20 minutes?

In case you didn't hear, Agents of SHIELD aired the first twenty minutes of its season 5 premiere at New York Comic Con over the weekend.

If you're dying to know what new revelations the footage revealed, keep reading for the detailed description shared by Screen Rant below: 

Opens with quick replay of final scene of season 4 with Agents in diner, enjoying last meal before they know they’ll get apprehended.

Then pop music plays for a long sequence from the perspective of the mysterious bald man in the suit who apprehends Coulson and the team. It’s a flashback to before the arrest. He’s seemingly enjoying “normal” life, swimming in a pool, taking some strange beverage from his fridge (the fridge is packed with tons of bottles of that one thing so we know he’s probably not a human) – there are crayon drawings stuck to the fridge, then we see him take clothes off for a shower, and as the clothes get thrown onto a bench, the last piece is the human skin suit. He’s an alien, hence the weirdness and his weird expressions.

We see the silhouette of him in the shower and he’s tall, slightly hunched over, and skinny (definitely not Kree who we know will factor into this season in a big way).

Then this alien dude is back in bald human form, wearing a suit, driving to “work” and he’s bobbing his head to the music. He pulls into a large empty hangar where there’s a white cargo truck parked. A man steps out of the truck with a tablet device to greet him and swipes through logo pattern options they want displayed on the side of the white truck as a disguise. As he’s swiping through options – they’re appearing live on the truck itself through some advanced tech. Bald alien dude then goes in the back and there awaits his SWAT team and we see their perspective as they raid Rae’s Diner at night and apprehend Coulson and the team.

As they arrive, they setup large lights on the perimeter of the diner. They then shut the power down to the diner and blast the bright lights in through the windows and proceed to breach. We only see the perspective from the two guards outside as this is happening though and they use this opportunity to inject some humor. The one guard tells the other that he told his wife he’s at a friend’s place for a fantasy sports draft that evening, mocking his wife for not knowing they’re halfway through the season. While the bald guy and some of their tech is clearly alien, the SWAT team could very well be human. They certainly seem to be.


You may read the description in full here.  


Other highlights from the panel:

The official premiere date of season 5 has finally been announced. It is slated to debut on Friday, Dec. 1 at 8PM on ABC. 

* The show's official NYCC poster has been unveiled!

* Kree is confirmed to be part of season 5, said Marvel boss Jeph Loeb and star Ming Na-Wen:

We have the Kree to deal with [in Season 5]. We can actually mention that and how strong they are and how blue they are. That’s one element. And then we also have aliens.


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Source: Screen Rant