ABC Cancels Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

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November 17, 2012

ABC is pulling the plug on Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, TV Guide reports.

The remaining episodes of both shows will still be aired according to ABC, which were initially ordered for a total of 13. However, the network opted not to pickup any additional hours.

The submarine military drama did not performed successfully in ratings. Its pilot which aired on September, kicked off with 9.31 million viewers and a 2.2 in demo. Unfortunately, it continued to slip down week per week. Last night’s performance nosedived with a 1.2 rating and 5.68 million viewers.

666 Park Avenue’s rating was not up to par either. When it premiered on ABC’s Sunday 10pm time slot, the numbers weren’t that impressive hitting a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.90 million total viewers. The next episode airing of the supernatural drama series continued to plunge down. Last Sunday’s airing hit low with only 4 million viewers and a 1.3 in ratings.

Are you sad that Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue are ending?

  • Mk

    Yes, I love 666 park ave

  • Daniya Tariq

    WTH…. Last Resort is a great show i love it :( why they cancelling :(

  • Phil

    Whats the point of watching a show when they simply pull the plug in season one, no wonder people dont bother watching new series, such a shame for yet another potentially good show. Its only worth watching a show after its into Season two or three so at least you know you will have some story to get your teeth into :-(

  • Sue Phillips

    I watch 666 every Sunday….it really has potential. What a shame. If they won’t reconsider cancelling the show I hope they wrap it up or I will be very angry. As far as last resort, plot was very bad, this whole senario is not plausibe. I watched for Andre as he is great…did you see him in Duets…he was great.


    shock horror what ABC canceling another series like they do with every thing they start and never finish it makes me wounder why any one would watch any thing that’s from ABC only to get in to a series and them just cancel the show half way in to the story like they have with many thing i started watching. Now i make it a point to check its not from ABC before i start watching a tv series as i like an ending to the story

  • AcuraT

    666 Park Avenue is way too dark for many women. When you lose half the US population because something is too scary, then that never bodes well for a series. Last Resort to a lesser degree has the same issue. I never thought this was the case until I asked my wife who is in a woman’s reading group, and she asked this question to all of them – and all of them will not watch either show for this very reason. It is only a sample of ten, but with a uniamous viewpoint in a group like that it probably has some value as a reason for both of these shows failure.

  • Amber

    Loved 666 Park. It was something I looked forward to every week. I hope ABC reconsiders putting it back on the air.