Twisted POLL: Are You Team Jo or Team Lacey?

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July 17, 2013


Twisted may be a mystery drama but that doesn’t mean a love triangle among reunited BFF’s can’t exist.

As the story of Danny (Avan Jogia), Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) thickens, their relationship status as “just friends” is evidently beginning to develop way beyond what they had thought five years ago.

In Fest and the Furious, things started to change in terms of Jo and Lacey’s affection for Danny. Jo, being the natural tomboy that we thought of her, followed her mother’s wishes and wore a gown to the Fall Fest. On top of that, she even took an effort to wear lip gloss! Two bold acts just to make an impression to Danny, how wicked is that?

In the same hour, Lacey and Danny pulled a cloak and dagger meeting to discuss the money Lacey has discovered while sorting letters for Regina’s mother. Though we get how crucial that information was, the tension between the two as they were arguing was undeniably sexy. Of course, you already know how that scene concluded — a kiss loaded with suppressed fondness that has been unleashed, FINALLY.

Bottomline, Jo and Lacey are currently under the spell of Danny Desai. I don’t know about you, but the only thing that I blame for this looming love-triangle-war is that sexy, unkempt hair. I wonder if he got that style in juvie.

Kidding aside, we wanna know which side are you on: Team Jo or Team Lacey?

Tell us by voting on our poll below!

Having second thoughts? Watch these clips to help you decide!

  • teamLacey


  • Ivy

    Lacey/Danny are irresistible – their chemistry is off the charts!

  • Marie

    In all my years of being fan of various TV couples/romances the budding and hopefully soon to be full blown romance between Danny Desai and Lacey Porter is by far one of my top fav 3 ever! Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury are magnificent together. Just really beautiful realistic chemistry that comes across so effortlessly. They are both to be commended for not giving us “tween” fodder” with their interactions but something insanely fresh and different and frankly pure amazing in its openly adult yet ABCF “appropriate” presentation. I am beyond excited to see this couple thrive because they can only get better.

  • bejing

    Love Dacey!!! My Chemistry classes never sizzled like these two Hawt Tamales, BAM!!!!

  • Erulastiel

    #TeamDacey!! They are so beautiful together and the sexual tension between them is undeniable!

  • jenni

    Lacey and danny OMG! That is such a hot couple their chemistry is undeniable! The actors who play them have such good chemistry not to mention they are gorgeous. Jo is cute but I only get a friend vibe from her and danny. Great show can’t wait to see where it goes hopefully more of danny and lacey heating up our screens!.

  • gallifreyankhaleesi

    Team Jo. Janny ftw :D

  • Peaches

    Team Jo!

  • Lyndi

    Janny is the perfect pair!

    Their chemistry is off the charts!

    They will be endgame!

    Janny Facebook fan-page!!

  • hapsa ba

    danny lacey are the best tv show couple they make the show very interesting to watch so im def team dacey!

  • Don’t matter

    Dacey!! It’s a no brainer.)

  • Lilly

    Go Dacey!!