Upcoming 90210 hook-ups!

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November 9, 2010

How great was tonight’s episode of 90210? Well we’ve got spoilers on how much more awesome 90210 will get in the upcoming weeks.. check them out!

Janice: Can you tell us anything else about Teddy coming out on 90210?
If you’re ready to see some lovin’ between Teddy and Ian, the wait is almost over! The two will finally kiss in the next few weeks, and guess what? Teddy is the one who initiates the sweet smooch!

Kyle: 90210 is so good! What’s coming up?
After tonight’s Joe Jonas dating debut, Adriana is going to turn diva—and fast! In a matter of weeks, this former West Bever will have a mansion of her own and that now-controlling manager Victor will be at her mercy. Gasp! You may even feel sorry for the baddie. Plus, those extra sparky-sparks you’ve been seeing between Silver and Navid in Adriana’s absence are about to explode is a hookup that will shake things up for everyone.

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  • Sammmm

    I gasped when I read the Teddy spoilers! OH WOW! A kiss? I am so excited, going to be adorable. and Teddy is the one that makes the move. Maybe it will be in front of the school, maybe his coming out plan or something? But we know that Teddy won’t be coming out until next year so it’s possible these Teddy and Ian spoilers won’t be for a couple episodes like 5 or 6.

  • Kitti Raymond

    Am really excited about this. The Teddy story line isn’t stupid like Adrianna’s, its cute and I think Teddy and Ian wil make a cute couple!! Am especially looking forward to a Navid and Silver hook – up! I think they’re good for each other!

  • Jamal


  • Ibra

    liam and naomi need to get back together…..and the teddy story is pathetic. no one wants to watch gays….its sick!!

  • Live and let love

    @Ibra, it’s people like you who will have a very very hard life. That’s all i’m going to say.
    Good day.

  • http://twitter.com/sukithoes idk my name

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  • 2748

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