Ty Collins Is Returning While Naomi Is Moving Into A Beverly Hills Hotel

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December 11, 2008

As 90210 viewers count down the days until January 6 when 90210 returns with episode 12 we hope the following 90210 spoilers can at least make the waiting less painful.

Pretty face Adam Gregory as Ty Collins will return. He’ll stir up trouble for one of the show’s leading ladies.

Also, Ty’s getting himself some parents. Annie’s Spring Awakening costar will soon be reunited with his WASPy mom and impeccably groomed dad.

Also, viewers will soon be treated to the musical stylings of Dixon. He’s a star! You all heard it in The Secret Life of Bees.

With Naomi’s parents divorcing, daddy’s living at the beach with his new lady and mommy’s taking off to do a TNT pilot (in real life) Clark house will soon go up for sale and Naomi may move into a Beverly Hills hotel where the staff will get to know her well.