Tons of 90210 spoilers on Silver&Navid and Teddy!

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January 25, 2011

Ah as we saw on tonight’s episode of 90210, things are just getting heated up at our favorite zip code. Check out these spoilers on what else is coming up for our 90210 gang!


According to Jessica Stroup, this forbidden romance between Ade’s boyf and Ade’s bestf.. it’s not going anywhere; in fact, she says, “This is real.”

For now though, since Ade’s career is spiraling out of control, Silver and Navid will have to keep their romance under wraps. But as with most secrets, this affair of theirs will come out and it won’t be pretty.. well for Ade, anyway.


Now that Dixon’s sort of in the loop regarding Teddy’s relationship with Ian, Dixon talks to Teddy about it — and Teddy asks him to keep it a secret. But then Silver finds out, through a slip-up on Teddy’s part, and Silver coaxes him to come out to his friends. She supports him and is there to diffuse the situation.

What situation, you ask?

Well when Teddy and Ian walk into a party, holding hands.

As for Teddy & Ian, things only get worse from here. But alas, never fear, recent spoilers say that there’s a new man in the horizon for Teddy!

Source: TV Line

  • Charles

    Contrary to what these spoilers suggest, I still think that Navid and Adrianna will be the endgame. As soon as Adrianna finds herself a new boyfriend, Navid will get extremely jealous and want her back. At that point, Silver will become extremely possessive of Navid, and they’ll keep arguing until they inevitably break up. Not long after Navid and Silver break up, any evidence that they were ever a couple will be wiped out. Adrianna and Silver will go back to being friends, and there will no longer be any heat between Navid and Silver whenever they’re around each other.