Teddy’s Newest Love Interest, Spoilers from Kristin, Titles for the Next Five Episodes

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December 15, 2010

Teddy, who’s just be starting to come to terms with his sexuality, has a new boyfriend in the wings. Newcomer Freddie Smith has been cast as Teddy’s newest love interest, Marco, Movieline reports;

The casting call described Marco as super athletic, friendly and openly gay. We’ll see how Teddy handles that last part since he asked openly gay fellow West Bev student Ian (Kyle Riabko) to keep their relationship secret in Monday’s episode.

Smith will essentially replace Riabko, who’s reportedly leaving the show to make himself available for pilot season. Smith is scheduled to make his first appearance in February.

Wonder what’s going to happen now that Adrianna’s music-stealing secret is out on 90210, or how will Teddy’s friends react to him coming out?
Kristin from E! has the answers;

  • Adrianna is going to keep cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame, even after the world knows about her musical grave-robbing! Because what’s better than a brand new reality show about a controversial flash-in-the-pan pop star?
  • The minute Naomi gets all her money back and kinda sorta starts to get her life back in order, she goes and loses it again—although this time it’s her generosity of spirit that gets the better of her.
  • 90210 producers are currently casting a Michael Cera-esque geek to help save the day—and Naomi’s fortune.
  • Most of the crew will be totally fine with Teddy’s coming out, but there may be some weirdness for a little while.

Here are titles for the next five episodes;

  • Season 3 Episode 12 “Liars”
    Season 3 Episode 13 “It’s Getting Hot In Here”
    Season 3 Episode 14 “All About A Boy”
    Season 3 Episode 15 “Revenge With The Nerd”
    Season 3 Episode 16 “It’s High Time”

And here’s the latest and awesome promo titled “We own the night” featuring 90210 among other CW’s shows!

90210 returns on Monday, January 24. Comment away!

  • Carmalyce

    Alot of it sounds pretty corny to me. We need some drama.

  • Calana19

    I love Ivy, she is the only reason for me to watch this show… s1 was cool, s2 is all ivy to me… s3 ivy, naomi and teddy. All the lannie think totally sucks!! annie character is laaaaameee!!
    i will like to see liam and ivy hook up cheating annie and dixon, it will be a good drama for the end of this season :)

  • .:90210fan:.

    How would that be cheating Dixon? They broke up.

    And I love Annie and Liam together :) Liam and Ivy didn’t work out the first time…. what makes you think they would work out now? lol

  • Melissafradette

    I agree we need some MORE drama!!! And im so excited for the Annie/Liam thing FINALLY!!!

  • No Girl xXx

    i was look up some stuff about the new episodes and the episodes “It’s Getting Hot In Here” and “All About A Boy” are showing on the same night i think this is silly they should move the episodes up so that we don’t have to wait another week but in anothor way its good because we get to watch two episodes in one week

  • Bookworm

    you idiot it was a typo there’s no way in hell they would show 2 new episodes in one night