90210 Spoilers: Spoilers on Teddy & Silver, Dixon, and Annie!

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March 30, 2010

We’ve got some spoilers on Teddy & Silver, Dixon, and Annie! Check them out for deets on upcoming drama for those four characters!

Jessi in Newport Beach, Calif.: Thanks for the 90210 love a few weeks ago. I’m hooked, too! Anything good coming up for Silver and Teddy?
If by “good” you mean Teddy’s superstar father (Ryan O’Neal) coming back into the picture and messing things up, then yes—sadly for this 90210 twosome. “There’s going to be issues between my father and I and my father and Silver,” Trevor Donovan tells us. “And Teddy trying to balance out his relationship with his tennis career.”

Markie in Rhode Island: More 90210, please.
Annie’s going to conduct a very damaging confession letter on her laptop, and while she don’t have any reason to pass it along in the next few episodes, it might just come to light at an inconvenient time. Meanwhile, Ivy and Dixon will overcome their sadness over losing Liam and Silver by faux-coupling up themselves.

Anything on ‘90210‘? – Lisa
This week’s episode might not go over well in Villanova: As Dixon and his birth mom bond over talk of (groan) basketball, a reference is made to the Wildcats being the ones to beat in this year’s NCAA tourney – and I’m being told it won’t get edited out. But I’m cutting the show some slack since the same hour establishes that neither Adri nor Naomi know who Gloria Steinem is, which is all kinds of apropos.

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