90210 Spoilers ‘The End As We Know It’

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April 18, 2012

90210′s season 4 finale is fast approaching (May 15). And as always what would a finale be without some spoilers ;)

  • Ivy/Silver/Navid love triangle (may finally end)
  • one couple breaks up
  • another reunites
  • third couple relocates
  • someone is involved in a seemingly fatal car crash
  • Ivy has to make some tough decisions
  • Naomi accepts a gig planning a lavish wedding

Any predictions? My money is on Adrianna and Dixon breaking up and I don’t know about the rest. Any bets? Comment Below!

  • Anna7030

    Did you mean Liam/Silver/Navid love triangle because I really don’t get how and why Ivy would get entangled in all these sex messes that have been going on?

  • Rana_ibrahim2012

    i think navid and silver will reunite :) and i hope vanessa ends up in a car crash :D and we know naomi will plan max’s wedding and ivy will dump her boyfriend :D as for liam and annie? well i think annie will stick to caleb an liam will hunt his acting career

  • Rana_ibrahim2012

    third couple relocates
     may be that’s the decision ivy takes? to move with diego?

  • http://twitter.com/SchindlersLiszt Daniel Evans

    I’m BANKING on silver and navid getting back together or I’m quitting the show. 

  • Ran

    Okay my bet is that Ivy gets involved with Navid and Silver by trying to get them back together because she understands whats it’s like to have some one near her with cancer, I think PJ and Naomi will break up meaning she reunited with Max or Liam and Annie will get back together, I think Ivy will choose go on tour and leave Diego, and Dixon will die in the car crash,Naomi’s is planning Max’s wedding for his new bride to be.

  • Lannie90210

    i hope the reuniting couple is liam and annie they are perfect and in my opinion the best couple on the show

  • God.

    silver and navid suck liam and annie suck
    SIAM people you suck whats so freaking good about lannie they suck bigggggggggggg time!

  • Cali04

    i LOVE Caleb and Annie together!!!!!!!!! I hope they work:)