Spoilers on new guest star Abbie Cobband and Ivy/Dixon Storyline

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November 16, 2010

Check out the latest 90210 spoilers involving new guest star Abbie Cobb and Ivy and Dixon!

  • Abbie Cobb (imbd) is joining the series in January as Annie’s cousin, Emily, and that said relative will hit the Hills hot to sabotage Annie’s life.
  • Part of Emily’s plan will involve dropping quite the bombshell on her kin, and at the worst moment.
  • Watch for the new year to bring new trouble for Naomi when she (or at least her bank account) is dazzled by a dynamic lifestyle guru. [fancast]
  • Ivy chick will have a near-death crash in the ocean and that adorable her ex-boyfriend of hers turns all knight in shining amour and saves her life. Maybe they’ll rekindle the romance sooner than later? [kristin]

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  • mkHAY

    bombshell? what does that mean? worst moment?

    dynamic life guru? i don’t understand half of these spoilers.
    Ivy and Dixon are boring to me I much prefer him with Silver.

  • .:90210fan:.

    I just think the whole “evil cousin” thing is so overplayed so I’m not too excited for that.

    And Dixon and Ivy… :P I agree with @mkHAY… they are really boring.

  • mkHAY

    very overplayed. annie has been through enough, she needs a break.

  • Carmalyce

    Annie did a hit run last season I can’t really see a bombshell bigger then that..