90210 Spoilers Max is Back

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April 18, 2012

Judging by thte title, all of you know that Max (Josh Zuckeran) is back. Yes that same Max who thought he got Naomi pregnant, offered to marry her, seemed happy with the idea, found out she wasn’t and hi-tailed it out of the 90210 zip code!

Well according to TV line he’s back and engaged!

Max does not return with reconciliation on his mind. Rather, he’s prepping to swap vows of his own, and his bride-to-be has — unbeknownst to everyone involved — hired Naomi to plan their impending nuptials. This obviously will throw Naomi for a loop and  in typical Naomi fashion  she’ll end up on an emotionally confusing journey in hopes of reuniting with the nerdy love of her life. Zuckerman’s arc begins May 1 and will continue through the May 15 season finale.

Yikes! I was really rooting for Praomi too! I’m hoping for the best. What do you guys think, who do you think will end up together? Coment Below!

  • Rana_ibrahim2012

    i hope they reunites :( loved them together and hate that pj guy !! 

  • http://twitter.com/CoRuvi Co Ruvi

    naomi and max they should get back together ?