What IS up with Silver and Navid?

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November 23, 2010

Has anyone else noticed the palpable tension between 90210′s Silver and Navid? Well we’ve got spoilers on whether these two 90210-ers will be acting on their mutual attraction. Check them out!

Wallace: Anything on Silver and Navid on 90210? I keep thinking how great they’d be together.
Then apparently you have some superstrong mental powers that—poof!—turn your wishes into reality. I’m told that Silver and Navid will become something of a “thing,” but it will be on the DL because Adrianna is trying to figure out who the “other woman” is. Now, will you keep thinking how great it’d be if I got a pony?

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  • Charles

    boring + lame + completely random = Navid + Silver

    This whole thing is going to be soooo predictable. For the next while, Navid will think that he’s madly in love with Silver and that he’s over Adrianna. As soon as Adrianna gets a new boyfriend, however, Navid will get extremely jealous. At this point, the arguing between Navid and Silver will commence. Silver will notice that Navid’s jealous but Navid will deny it. They’ll keep arguing until they break up. As soon as Navid tells Adrianna that he still loves her and wants her back, she’ll take about one second to kick her current boyfriend to the curb.

    Silver is soooo stupid for thinking that her and Navid will last. Does she not realize how these non-Adrianna relationships of Navid’s tend to play out?

  • Sammmm

    I actually agree. I don’t like when shows pair up couples within their group. They need to expand their love interests OUTSIDE their bubble.

    Silver and Dixon, Silver and Ethan (attempted) Silver and Teddy, Silver and Navid?
    Navid and Adrianna.
    Dixon and Ivy, Ivy and Liam (attempted).
    Naomi and Ethan, Naomi and Liam.
    Annie and Ethan, Annie and Liam.

    What’s next? Liam and Adrianna/Dixon and Adrianna/Navid and Naomi? They are running out of ideas here. At least with Teddy, he’ll have Ian, a guy that wasn’t a part of their little group.

  • Charles

    In addition to Adrianna/Navid/Silver, I hear that there might be a love rhombus between Annie/Liam/Charlie/Annie’s cousin. Also, I’m not ruling out an Ian and Teddy love triangle later on in the season.


  • Imohero

    Actually I heard Ade and Liam are going to get closer this season. Plus you guys have to remember just because their the main characters doesn’t mean they’re all friends besides I’m getting the vibe that something is going to shake up all their friendships soon.

  • Imohero

    LMAO i cant tell you how much I laughed when i read this.Yeah thats true but this time he actually likes someone else, the other time their relationship didn’t end because he wanted to but because he was hurt at what Ade did. he even still loved her when he was breaking up with her.

  • Imohero

    You guys talk about them dating within the group like its some big problem,i hate when people say they’re all dating within the group almost every show hasn’t done the same thing mean on FRIENDS they all technically slept with each other… even most recently Gossip Girl they’ve all slept with and dated each others’ exes, besides they don’t always date within the group there was Lila, Gia, Ozzy, Charlie, Sasha and Ty( and i think there’s people left out), so its not the epidemic people make it out to be

  • Hollygump

    go navid and silver! and can it please be moore than a thing? like a fully-fledged relationship :D that lasts for once!

  • .:90210fan:.

    I totally 100% agree with you. Although I totally think Navid and Silver are going to crash and burn… Your right.

    They don’t always date in their group but with a group of different friendships of this kind… there is bound to be some dating within the group. But it’s really not that big of a deal.

  • Serge

    I know, Silver is such a bitch she’s been with Teddy, Dixon, Navid and Ethan, Im sure that near the end of this season there will be a love triangle between annie/liam/silver :). And do you remember when silver was angry with adrianna for cheating on navid with teddy XD but now…

  • Serge

    Other thing is that guys and girls can’t be friends without ending up in love, I mean have you seen any scene of Dixon and Adrianna talking or Silver and Liam having a conversation as friends, they are not a group of friends they are just the guys and the girls :l

  • Bhawk1955


  • Bhawk1955

    OMG LIam Is so hoott and ya i ageree with u guyz well just have to see next week

  • Sammmm

    I can not see Ade and Liam dating, they don’t fit. I liked Annie and Liam better.

    And yeah it’s true. Not all of them dated each other in their little circle but a lot have, and they try to keep some relationships/characters more simple by putting some of the group members and try to make them date. And they shouldn’t just randomly put a couple together, like Liam and Ade? I think that’s a ridiculous idea. I would rather see Ade and Dixon, I think that would be cute. But then Silver might think she is only dating Dixon because Ade wants revenge, and Navid will not be happy with her dating anyone else but him. But he can’t have the best of both worlds. It’s either Silver or Adrianna, bud.

  • MissAvitalJ

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’v been thinkung about it all damn week!!!! finaly! i want them to be together so much! they are a perfect cuple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can see that already….

  • Dr_goodlooking


    Silver and Dixon
    Silver and Ethan
    Silver and Teddy
    Silver and Navid


  • ash_blue_girl

    Adriana & Navid forever and ever and for all eternity <3 <3 <3
    The relationship with Navid & Silver is heading nowhere.

  • Tammy

    I agree I think they are great together.. Always hated that Navid hid in adrianna’s shadow..nice to see him with someone he is happy with for a change. I get the impression Adrianna loves herself the most anyway

  • Hase_g

    I totally agree with you, and it’s also stupid how Navid and Silver would go out after his best friend, Dixon, went out with her…