Shenae Grimes on 90210′s major departures!

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April 13, 2011

We’ve posted spoilers about 90210′s major departures after this season ends but now we’ve got word from 90210′s Shenae Grimes on how she feels about it and how the storylines will be wrapped up by this season’s end!

Here’s what the finale won’t include — a big goodbye to departing matriarch Lori Loughlin — and her TV daughter doesn’t sound pleased about it.


“The writers don’t really do the characters that are leaving the show justice,” Shanae Grimes sighs.  “Much like [TV dad] Rob [Estes], who didn’t get much of an exit, I think it’s going to be kind of a similar storyline.”


Though the actress will miss Loughlin — ”Lori has been amazing to me since day one!” — she sounds less torn up about the departure of showrunner Rebecca Sinclair, admitting, “I’m thrilled for a change.”

Source: TV Line

  • Carmalyce

    The show is gettting a new showrunner so maybe Lori won’t be going anywhere. Yeah I really don’t think the show runner Rebecca has really treated the charactrers fairly. Wonder how the cast feel about her leaving..

  • Charles

    Shenae Grimes seems to be the only actor on 90210 who’s willing to admit how she truly feels about this show.

  • .:90210fan:.

    @Carmalyce… Lori is definitely leaving. The others signed a contract and she didn’t. The new showrunner won’t change that… but hopefully they will do a better job keeping track of storylines and as Shanae said…. do a better job of having the characters leave in a more “justified” manner :)