90210 Season 5 When One Door Closes, Two Open

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July 7, 2012

After much hoping and wishing Teddy Montgomery  is back! It looks like the actor Trevor Donovan will  be returning  for a part of 90210′s season 5!. It is confirmed that he will be in the first two episodes of the season, in the plot line revolving around Teddy (possibly) being the father of Silver’s child. As well as several recurring spots as longs as it fits in with Trevor’s filming schedule.

Justin Deeley who plays Austin (the former love interest of Naomi) in the hit drama will be written off the show come the season 5 premiere. Good-bye Austin, we’ll miss you and your Southern hospitality. But his reps assure the Austin fans that his write off does not close the door to future appearances. So it’s very possible he’s just been reduced from series regular to special guest star.

Max (Josh Zuckerman) will be bumped up to a strong recurring role ( so he’s practically a series regular but with less commitment). That means that Max will definitely be sticking around for Naomi!

Back to Dixon’s crash, according to Ask Auseillo Riley Smith’s new character (Annie’s new love interest) will play a big role in the fallout of Dixon’s crash.

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  • Dixonadrianna

    Dixon hassss to be in season 5. Without him there’s no point in watching most people will agree with that.
    I think Annie and Liam has to be togther not that new guy.
    Adrianna has to be with Dixon right after the crash.
    Max and Naomi are going to be a good couple

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charity-Rich/100002556387671 Charity Rich

    So TRU…. They can’t kill Dixon or i will stop watching….

  • simoni Handoo

    i hate but i’l feel bad for adrianna she’s my fav character. i hope adrianna can get back together with navid, they’re really cute together, and dixon should pair up with silver

  • ethanwilliams

    without dixon im done with the show

  • lover23

    i heard that Dixon will be OK and i cant wait for season5 lets hope there is season6 i think silver should be with neved and liam with Annie and lets hope some old stars from 90210 will be in season5