90210 Season 5: Trevor Donavan Talks About Teddy’s Decision

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August 12, 2012

In a recent interview with EW Trevor Donavan aka Teddy gives us an insight into 90210′s first 2 episodes of the season and Teddy’s big decision “to be or not to be” Silver’s baby daddy (after she rejected both Navid’s and Liam’s help).

“It’s going to be addressed in both the first and second episodes and it’ll definitely be a process for it to come to fruition as far as what he decides,” Donovan tells me. “He was as surprised as I was, and obviously he has to contemplate what his role would be in the child’s life, what his father’s role was in his life…there [are] a lot of issues that he’s concerned about.”

And what of Dixon’s crash, that is so bad it’s apparently bringing mom Lori Laughlin back into town? Well, the crash itself is “massive,” he says. But in better news, he reports the episode, while dramatic, doesn’t veer into complete Bummer-ville. “It’s certainly not a depressing episode, that’s for sure. It’ll tap on real life dramatic issues and still have light moments,” he says. “It’s always balanced — we got Naomi! She brings a whole lot of color.”