90210 Season 5 Spoilers: Michael Steger Wears a Skirt for 90210

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October 8, 2012

Michael Steger who plays Navid Shirazi sat down with New York Daily News to talk about wearing a skirt for 90210′s 100th episode extravaganza.

“It was my first time wearing a skirt, and it was a really short skirt, but it ended up being really fun because I wasn’t the only one. If I was, it would be harder.

“It was me, Josh [Zuckerman], Matt [Lanter], and we went as far as learning a cheer.” “There’s an alumni celebration at West Beverly [Hills High School] that we all go back to,” Steger explains. “And there’s going to be a lot of characters that you’ve seen from seasons 1 through 4, and a lot of nice surprises. It’s almost like taking a look back at the past, so I think fans are going to really dig it.”

“It was cool,” says Steger. “It turned us into a bunch of goofballs, and we just had fun with it. The girls were in football outfits, we were in the cheerleading outfits, and in between breaks we’d play football. We were just having a good time with it.”

“Navid is in the club promoting business in season 5, and episode 5 is my first pop-up club at the Offshore,” Steger explains. “My first performer is Nelly Furtado, so I get to introduce her, and that’s the first time you get to see Navid in a whole different realm.

“It brings out a different side of Navid and it was great working with Nelly,” he adds. “She’s playing one of her hits.”


 If you can’t wait until then be sure to checkout these  spoiler photos to see one of the skirt clad guys