90210 Season 5: Season Premiere Spoilers

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September 11, 2012

Leading up to 90210′s season 5 season premiere TV Line sat down with Executive aproducer Patti Carr to recap where 90210 castexactly we left off in season 4 and where 90210 will head in its brand  new season.

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Max reunited with Naomi; Silver, struggling with her BRCA gene diagnosis, asked Teddy to have a baby with her; Ivy moved to Mexico; and Dixon was in what looked to be a life-ending car crash.

COMING UP NEXT | “For the first time in 90210 history, we are not passing time over the summer,” EP Patti Carr shares. “We’re coming back about 15 minutes after we left off and diving straight in.” Look for Teddy to respond to Silver’s baby proposal, Austin to leave town — sans Ade — and Annie to find love with Riley Smith. Carr won’t reveal whether Dixon survives his “huge accident,” but does say that its repercussions “won’t be undersold. We built a morgue set and we’ll go through the emotions of what actually happens from an accident like that.”