90210 Season 5 Official Guide: Something Old, Something New

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May 17, 2012

With 90210 closing the door on season 4, it seems only fitting to open the new door to 90210′s season 5 spoilers.

The CW just released their 2012-2013  fall schedule and  90210 is moving to Monday nights and it precedes Gossip Girl. Don’t worry they 90210 zip code still gets to keep their time 8-9 /est

Season five of 90210 will find our group struggling with the biggest issues of their lives. Having put their relatively carefree days at West Bev behind them and launched themselves into adulthood, they will search for answers to the multiple cliffhangers of this year’s season finale with only their friendships to lean on. Life, death, love, loyalty, betrayal…and that’s just what to expect in the season premiere! There are some things money can’t buy, even in 90210. The series stars Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson, Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson, AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark, Jessica Stroup as Silver, Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi, Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan, Matt Lanter as Liam Court and Gillian Zinser as Ivy.

What do you think of season 5? Off to a good start? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and remember to tune into 90210 on its new nights (Monday) in the fall! I guess you’ll have watch 90210 reruns to tide you over till then.


  • 9-0-2-1-0

    - im just completely inlove with 90210 :’) … i watched the whole thing , season 1 – season 4 . in like 2 weeks c: // 

  • Kevinmaciel74

    go to hell

  • Anonymous

    I NEED Naomi and Max to stay together! They are so perfect for each other. They bring out the best in each other! The show has been teasing me with this ship for over a YEAR! Naomi/Max ENDGAME!

  • Joane

    I loved the fourth season.So not really like the final and only HOPE THAT Dixon HAS NOT DIED :s And the Ivy go away? Oh that sucks :/

    Silver and Navid, together please :c
    and Naomi and Max will get married $; please xD

  • jessica

    naomi with matt


    OMG respect TTTAIIDay. tell me about it i wish the directors would review what the fans want n that is for dixon to be in all the episodes and serious of 90210. if he dies they will lose so much respect + fans + viewers. i must admit it was a sad reallyyyy sad but good cliffhanger especially with the ending song we are young, by fun. BUT PLEASE BRING DIXON BACK PLEASE hes the best male character on the cast hes been there since serious 1 episode 1 FT HATERZ DIXON #1 BRING HIM BACK

  • 90210 lover

    I want Lannie please!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/risaaadabe Risa Sekine


  • jennifer

    totally agree!!!! <3 best couple ever

  • lannie forever!!!

    who ever said liam ans silver there wrong!
    it should be LANNIE FOREVER!!!! there ment to be. they will be togather at the end of 90210 and annie has a baby with liam in season 5 .
    its exatly like ross ad racheal!!!
    Lannie !!!!

  • lucy1234

    lannie forver <3
    there ment to be more then any one else in the world they have the best chemistry
    annie and liam have a baby in season 5 i think. cause they hooked up in sason 4 epoisde 12.
    like racheal and ross!

  • shane

    plz dixon and silver i love them so much

  • shane

    plz dixon and silver i love them so much

  • Annie+Liam <3

    Annie and Liam!!! Seriously Silver and Liam would be terrible as a cuple. They aren’t right for eachother and they never will be so just knock it of and make Liam realize that his heart belongs to Annie and only Annie!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Finchel_Mylife Eden Somerhalder

    Jesus. Annie and Liam. It must be. They are meant to be together. At first I thought they are a bad couple . but , they . the . most . perfect . copule . EVER . if they not gonna be together i’m gonna die .

  • http://twitter.com/Finchel_Mylife Eden Somerhalder

    Jesus. Annie and Liam. It must be. They are meant to be together. At first I thought they are a bad couple . but , they . the . most . perfect . copule . EVER . if they not gonna be together i’m gonna die .

  • KT

    please kill dixon off i hate his character! i think ivy should be happy with diego and annie and liam should get back together!

  • CCS

    please make liam and annie back together!!!! i love them!!!
    put more scenes of them together!!!

  • obcessedbevhead

    silver and teddy having a baby would be SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! <3

  • 90210a

    come on guys arent you bored seeing annie and liam together? i really liked annie with caleb

  • Aubree

    I Would Love For Annie And Liam In Season 5 Back Together There Really A Great Couple Without Them Together The Show Wouldn’t Be That Good I Love The Show But Liam And Annie Please This Would Be Great If They Find A Way To Fall Back In Love On Season 5 …Thanks

  • katelyn

    Agree completely!!!

  • hailey

    Liam And Annie This Would make My day If They Got Back Together Please

  • Kasey

    If Annie And Liam Dont Get Back Together In Season 5 I Just Aint really going to care for the show like i do. Silver I Like Her But Her Liam Are All Wrong For Eachother Im Team LANNIE

  • jeann

    YES! I just dream about Caleb being back with Annie! He is so right guy!

  • http://twitter.com/tispykiwi Amanda campbell


  • Stella1537

    Here you are. 5 Let the season will be Annie and Liam together. Match. Trust each other. Wyjawniaj? the secrets (even the most embarrassing). Match. Even in reality, after the film should be together. Here you are. Do so that Annie was with Liam until the end of season 5.

  • Stella1537

    I do not want it to Liam and Annie were just beginning together. I wish they were together throughout the five seasons. For the rest of your life!!

  • Stella1537

    Liam and Annie ! Forever !!! < 3

  • Stella123456

    Please ! Liam i Annie :(((((((

  • Stella123456

    Liam i Annie ! Liam i Annie ! Liam i Annie !!!!

  • 90210 ; **

    Please ! Annie i Liam ! ( Lannie )
    Annie i Liam ! season 5 ! Annie i Liam ! Forever, Forever, Forever, Forever !!! < 33

  • 90210 ; **

    Lannie !!!!!!! < 3333

  • Celest

    Which chanel is this on in American tv?

  • anaiesha

    liam and annie……….they both belong 2gether………i hate silver for ruining……….

  • iheartjen17

    yes i want liam and annie tooo!please!

  • iheartjen17

    liam and annie! i hope they get back together. i watch 90210 because of them :(

  • vanes’

    We want annie and liam get back together and stay together for a loooong time !!!
    we watch the show for their couple, if they will not get back together we will have any reason to follow the show anymore… We love them so much ! and everybody agrees with that !! so they have to get back together very soon !!! ( and maybe annie could be pregnant ;) with liam as the father of course !) PLEASE PLEASE PRODUCERS put them together !!!

  • franzi

    more than 50% of the comments are like: lannie forever?! xD
    xD perfekt xD

  • NamexD


  • Xhawkotx Exd

    I, Navid really like her character but not for the Silver is for Adrianna, I hope that Dixon does not die and that he comes closest to accidenet Silver she goes to visit him every day and that, and that together as terminene Liam and Annie, Adrianna and Navid and Dixon and Silver.

    I think the series is running out of resources is better to finish the season five because although the plot is running out and have used everything is closing time with a flourish and expect the market New generation, my mother told me that in their times was 90210 and he helped them deal with the problems of youth and it’s good for me to see that series she saw and helped him so much, and it is time to close this chapter of 5 seasons or if they want the six where are showing their lives together as Dixon and Silver, Annie and Liam and Navid and Adrianna.

    and there’s close this chapter and wait another 8 years or 12 and do the new 90210.

    is a very good series is helping me deal with my youth.

    and finally Pless

    Liam and Annie

    Silver and Dixon

    Navid and Adrianna

    the others to go to hell if they want Ethan back and stay with Naomi or Naomi with Teddy.

  • 90210

    Liam and Annie!pleasepleasepleaseplease

  • LISA

    LAANNNIIIEEE! <3 please is ther e a love comeback for liam and annie?? i hope so:( i just watched the 12th season and annie said rickley she loves him, i like rikley but liam and annie made for each other!!! i hope there is a lovecomeback, it would be the greatest!! they are the greatest couple, i think!

  • LENA

    i think the show wouldn’t be good anymore if liam and annie won’t find each other again! what do you think?

  • sarhzy-pop

    i want calebbbbbbb