90210 Season 4 Episode 21 “Bride and Prejudice” Promo

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March 28, 2012

Here is the promo for season 4 episode 21 of 90210 “Bride and Prejudice”. The episode will air on April 24th.

  • Anna7030

    Silver and Liam, gross!!!! Liam is the Ben Flajnik of the show: poor judgement and no common sense at all when it comes to women (Naomi’s sister, his friend’s widow, psycho Vanessa and now 3 of his best friends’ex). Silver, I don’t even know where to start: she goes through her friend’s exes when she’s under medication and when she isn’t, guess what? She’s just more promiscuous than usual. I am so pissed off the way these 2 characters have been ruined, Ade could definitely run for the best friend of the year award after Silver and Liam’s (not-so-drunk indiscretion).

  • Kiea123

    I Love liam and silver:)

  • Kiea123

    I Love liam and silver:)

  • Britt21

    ummmmm groosssss!!!! i am with anna7030 i dont know what you are saying kiea123!!! i will forever quit 90210 if this turns out to be a long relationship!! like grossss!! LIam needs to go back with Annie for gods sake becuase obviously he is always attracting the wrong kind of girls that always backfires!!! and silver needs to go find ONNEEE guy to stick with and stop homee hopping everyone in your clique and out! choose one guy that you stay w out your little group or for godsakes get back with naveed because he is crazy about you but why in god name go after liam, he has had more crazy than one man can handle without your bipolar rampages and breast cancer worring him too! i swear the 90210 producers have lost there mind because there ratings are either about to drop drastically or they need to get a whiff of how the fans feel about this and make some changes to end this ASAP! thats all i have to say for now. thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/SchindlersLiszt Daniel Evans

    I’m sorry but Silver and Liam are a step too far – this needs to stop. If they become a couple, it would totally split the chemistry of the acting roles – if the one-night stand is used to add spice to the story line that would better justify its purpose.