90210 Season 3 Spoilers: Ryan Eggold Interview!

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September 14, 2010

After watching the 90210 season premiere tonight, I’m sure you guys are dying to find out how everything’s going to pan out for our favorite 90210-ers. Well check out these excerpts from a TV Guide interview with Ryan Eggold where he dishes on what’s coming up for the 90210 gang!

On Ryan’s upcoming fatherhood…

Expect a change from the drunken mess that was Mr. Matthews last season. He will get his act together and try to get along with Jen as best he can. Eggold does think that Jen and Mr. Matthews really do care about each other but just “don’t get along and don’t immediately love each other.”

On Naomi’s upcoming storylines…

With regards to her becoming an aunt, Matthews will show her a picture of her baby nephew which Eggold thinks will “reignite the relationship between her and her sister, which has been really strained.”

With regards to the rape from 90210′s season 2 finale, strap in guys, it’ll be hard to watch: “Cannon goes on unscathed at first… no immediate repercussions.” As far as Naomi’s concerned, she will be “mixed up about it and how to process it.”

On other 90210 cast members’ storylines…

Eggold dishes that Ade will be “making bad decisions because of the pressures of that and trying to become successful” — which we saw a little bit more of today during the 90210 season premiere.

As far as Liam’s concerned, he will be in situations that will be terrible for Liam but funny for the audience.

And a new character will come in to form a love triangle with a newly budding relationship.

And don’t feel too bad for Mr. Matthews.. according to Eggold, he will get some lovin’ soon.

Source: TV Guide