90210 Season 3 Episode 9 “They’re Playing Her Song” More Promo Photos

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November 13, 2010

We’ve posted a ton of spoilers for this coming Monday’s episode of 90210 but check out these additional promo photos to see two of our beloved 90210ers getting a bit busy.. together!

Source: The CW

  • mkHAY

    thats gross. soon ryan with be through the whole town…

  • .:90210fan:.

    I have to agree with mkHAY. I just… don’t really like the whole Ryan/Debbie plot. :/

    TBH… I get bored when they are on the screen. This show is really centered around the teens and while I do wanna see what the parents are up to (like Navid’s dad and the underage actors), I’m not too thrilled to see these two. I was kind of liking Ryan and Jen together, anyway. :P