90210 Season 3 Episode 9 “They’re Playing Her Song” Guide

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October 31, 2010

Below you can read official episode guide for 90210 season 3 episode 9 “They’re Playing Her Song”.


  • Teddy begins to feel more comfortable in his own skin and decides to visit a bar in West Hollywood where he soon realizes he forgot his wallet and is forced to turn to Ian (guest star Kyle Riabko) for help.
  • Annie is ready to take her relationship with Charlie (guest star Evan Ross) to the next level but is mortified when his friends catch a glimpse of her in lingerie.
  • Now a single father, Ryan turns to Debbie for help and the two end up hooking up.
  • Navid deals with the fallout of having turned his father in for employing underage girls in his pornography business by turning to Silver.
  • Adrianna is oblivious to Navid’s situation due to her new found fame.
  • Sammmm

    OMG! Yes! a huge chunk of the episode revolving around Teddy’s coming out story. I love that Teddy is getting more comfortable with himself, and although Ian is around to rescue him, Teddy is trying on his own as well! So I’m so happy that 90210 is giving more face time for Teddy’s big story too!