90210 Season 3 Episode 8: Could there be a Navid & Silver?

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October 22, 2010

We’ve got some interesting spoilers for you guys that could result in perhaps a new 90210 pairing.. check it out and see what the 90210 writers have coming up for us during their 8th episode!

Question. Hey, there’s been no scoop on 90210 lately. Got anything? —Jane
Ausiello: New-couple alert: Navid and Silver! Look for sparks to start flying around episode 8. In other 90210 news, Ivy’s estranged father will be introduced in early ’11. He’s described as an all-American, Ivy League-educated charmer.

Source: Ausiello Files

  • twanz

    i hav alot to say.. first off i cud more see navid wit annie dan silver.. the way nerves get the best of annie and navid are exactly the same.. silver has the most morals as a grl on the shw navid has the most morals as the boy on the show so not to bad.. but silver had alrady taken teddy from ade now navid is she the next annie? nd silver has had one of dixon’s friend nd kissed ethan.. she wants another friend? how many more friends wud she b passed around wit b4 dixon sleeps wit her again? eww yuck.. better not reunite sixon if this is gona happen..i like ade nd navid tho.. but 3 seasons? i guess dey served their purpse even though i think they sud b together forever reason being dey were gonna get married lol..

  • Charles

    Here’s what Navid and Silver’s relationship will probably do:

    - turn Navid into an unlikeable, cheating jerk.
    - turn Silver into a homewrecker.
    - turn Adrianna into a vengeful bitch.
    - alienate fans of Sixon and/or Navade.

  • mkHAY

    they have 0 chemistry

  • B34nie

    i love them together but i also love navid and ade together!!! ohhh