90210 Season 3 Episode 21 “The Prom Before The Storm” Extended Promo

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May 3, 2011

Here’s the extended promo for 90210 season 3 episode 21, “The Prom Before The Storm”. Make sure you check the links below for other spoilers that we have on next week’s episode of 90210.

It wouldn’t be prom in the zip without a little drama!

  • Britta

    Ain’t karma a bitch, Navid? Considering that you cheated on Adrianna, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Silver might one day suspect you of cheating on her as well.

  • NimrodDookie

    WOA!! She wasn’t really there for him the past few month like Silver was.

  • Britta

    There’s no justifying Navid being a cheating douchebag. And if you cheat on somebody, you’re just giving yourself a bad reputation. People will no longer be quick to dismiss rumours that you’ve cheated once again.

  • Carmalyce

    I hope both Ade and Silver dump Navid he isn’t worth it..