90210 Season 3 Episode 18 “The Enchanted Donkey” Promo

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March 1, 2011

Check out the first promo for 90210 season 3 episode 18, “The Enchanted Donkey”. Stay tuned for more spoilers!

The Zip flies south of the border for the Spring Break they’ll never remember.

  • mary

    mark + Naomi are so cute!

  • Dsdwsfdwsd

    adrianna is so tan (in a bad way)

  • mckey

    the blue naomi ending was so season 1! i mean sending naked text to everyone? oh cmon thats just like naomi and annie and now its gonna be adriana and silver? with the sext? thats just stupid.

  • Bubble_17

    i dnt understand y every1 iz hatin on adrianna yh she waz actin lyk a bitch but wat silver done waz jus out of order so shame on her!!! deserves it

  • Bubble_17

    i hate silver she deseverd wat she gt even though ade was being a bitch she still did nt deserve dat

  • Serge

    I also agree!! The expression on her face was like o.o :S

  • Annie

    isn’t it max?

  • Tomachad18

    If we’re talking about bad friends, I think both Silver and Ade are bad friends. Adrianna was being a TERRIBLE friend when she thought she was going to be the next Lady Gaga..She was a b*tch to Navid on several occasions and so ‘self-obsorbed’ as Navid called it. Did she deserve to be cheated on? No. And this is where Silver was a terible friend. She shouldn’t have slept with Navid or kissed him, no matter ow she felt, if he was still with Ade. She should’ve waited…if they truly cared for one another they would wait to be together, as long as it took. But she broke the rules; she did a very shady thing to Ade,but did she deserve what Ade did to her? No. Are Ade’s acts of revenge somehow justified only because of Silver’s deception? No.

    Still, eventhough I believe both were terrible friends to eachother…I’m going to side with Silver. Why? Because she’s a teenager! She makes mistakes, and still, I know she felt bad about hurting Ade…
    Last season Ade was in a very similar situation. She broke up with Navid to quench her thirst for Teddy…or rather to be in a relationship with him, but when he didn’t want that, what did she do? She went back to Navid and was willing to lie to him about the whole thing. So..she’s not free of sin….

    Ultimately I think the person we should really blame, if anyone’s to blame, is Navid. There’s a reason for the saying Ho’s over Bros: Girls fight over some guy, and the guy is effected in no way…A friendship is lost, and the guy is hunkydory as long as he’s getting some action.
    We have yet to see how Navid has been effected…Does he care at all about what it’s doing to Silver? To Ade?

    I wonder.

    God that was long…and so is the time we have to wait for epi 18!

  • Carmalyce

    looks good. Ade’s tan is awful. She looks funny looking there. Can’t wait wish we could fast forward.

  • Klickikat

    Why would Silver even care about the naked photo? Back in her manic state she showed the whole school a video of her and Dixon having sex in a closet. Her and everyone else forgot about it.

  • Bubble_17

    OMG april 18th dats jus 2 lng

  • Skeezybitch101

    Adrianna is a bitch and got what was coming to her!!!(Karma)

  • cutiepop

    i cannot wait for enchanted donkey i have been waiting for 2 weeks and i think that it is gonna be awesome !! i like silver and i don’t really like adrianna but silver was so wrong to do that to her best friend – it’s like number 1 girl rule !!

    Liam and Annie are so cute i am so glad that everyone found out about what Emily – her vil cousin was trying to do !! but i still wish that we were able to see when they planning it !!

    Naomi and Max are so cute !! I was actually really shocked when Naomi said that she likes Max because he is a completely different guy that she would usually be with. Because Max is a nerd and she normally goes out with really fit guys like LIAM !!

    And just to finish off with i think that enchanted donkey is gonna be amazing spring break, with people fighting and a couple of lovebirds what could be better !!

  • choo

    cos silver and navid were right he couldnt break up with her because of what was happening so in a way silver did nothing wrong if she made navid break up with ade it would have been worse for ade. Soooooooooo happy emilys gone fkin btch. Also the ending was series 2 not series 1 naomi sends it in series 2 near the beginning cos the guy takes the pic in the first ep. I hope annie is nice to silver cos she nos how it feels and dixon should give ivy another chance

  • choo

    *season 2

  • choo

    if navid broke up with her when she was in the middle of a crisis it would have been worse so silver wasnt really bad

  • KaWu

    why do we have 2 wait for episode 18 soo long !!…
    that just sucks, i wanna see more :D

  • KaWu

    why do we have 2 wait for episode 18 soo long !!…
    that just sucks, i wanna see more :D

  • Lolitstom

    shut the fuck up bitch

  • 90210

    omg cant wait!!! i loveee 90210

  • Keerthi-babygirl

    i hate adrianna

  • Maitna

    whats the name of the song that plays in the promo????

  • BigMike

    its about damn time, I didn’t think we had to go on 1 month hiatus from the show I follow it every week and that kinda pissed me off