90210 Season 3 Episode 14 “All About A Boy” Guide

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January 31, 2011

The 14th episode of this season’s 90210 is INTENSE! Check out the synopsis and see what our 90210 cast has in store for us on February 7!

  • Navid finds out how Ade used the baby she gave up for adoption
  • Ade leans on Silver for support and realizes something shocking
  • Annie gets the opportunity to audition for a play, while her cousin Emily schemes to sabotage her
  • Naomi returns from a spiritual retreat and plans a party for Guru Sona, only to realize that the guru isn’t who Naomi thinks she is
  • Ivy’s accident keeps her from going in the water again
  • Teddy’s being blackmailed and is shocked to see who’s behind it
  • Teddy faces his friends with the truth

What’d I tell you guys? Jam-packed with drama, 90210′s 14th episode!!! Can’t wait until February 7, what about you guys?

Source: The CW

  • Sammm

    Oh my gosh, who could black mail Teddy? The only person that comes to my mind is Ian. This is Kyle Riabko’s last episode so it’s possible. Drama!

  • Katy

    Why is there no Annie & Liam news its been ages since we had a good scoop about the two of them :(

  • Charles

    What could “Navid finds out how Ade used the baby she gave up for adoption” possibly mean?

  • Carmalyce

    sounds pretty interesting.. Curious to see how Ade used the baby she gave away for adotpiton. Nice to know they still remebered she had a a baby two year ago. I hate that they are turning her into a cold hearted person. I don’t feel sorry for her at all that Navid and Silver are hooking up. Annie getting back to plays that’s good. Glad we have trouble maker on the show should make it pretty good. I’m looking forward to the show coming back.

  • Mariz0107

    maybe she told the press about the baby and now is gonna go all “i-miss- the-baby-i-gave-up” to gain more fame… idk.. thats my guess… it could b something else..

  • Charles

    I think I’ve figured out how Ade’s going to use her child: postpartum depression. She’ll pretend she has it in order to get out of her current Hollywood mess.

  • Mandycandy Anderson

    OMG I hate Emily, Annie has been through so much from her friends and Emily is turning them all aganist her again…

  • Djfla


  • scooby

    I love Ade no matter what and i hope shes going to go honest with her baby storyline. Also im glad that she finally finds out about Silver and Navid.
    Annie better mess up Emily’s face, since Emily is trying to mess Annie’s life. Lol

  • Ninooche57

    becauuuse they don’t belong together !!

  • Ninooche57

    Dunnow ! good questiion