90210 Season 3 Episode 11 “Holiday Madness” Promo #2

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November 30, 2010

We’ve posted a promo for next week’s episode of 90210.. but now we’ve got another promo that’ll reveal more of what’s coming up for our 90210 gang next week! Check it out and see for yourselves!

  • Bentla17

    Whoever makes the commercials is absolutely horrible at it. They should involve some of the storylines in the promos. Something with Teddy and Ian and not just some random stuff.


    yeah i agree thay give us big story lines like teddy and ian also about liam and annie hookin up and they show all of ade’s party its just stupid.

  • Clarissalovesyoubaby

    i completely agree! they always put in really, random silly things. they dont show any of the meaningful/important stuff.
    like last episode, there was teddy and ians kiss, navid and silver’s chemistry, liam getting beaten up, instead they put in the promo naomi on the beach with that random guy who will never appear again? what???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840943743 Jenna Brennan

    I hate these types of promos. They make the show look silly and campy instead of the engrossing and compelling drama that it is. What happened to promos that were almost as exciting and intriguing as the show itself?

    Come on CW give us something that makes us want to watch the show. These promos are just insulting and stupid.

  • .:90210fan:.

    I completely agree with everyone:) That’s why I love Gossip Girl’s promo because most of the time they show the actually plot of that episode and it makes you watch it and go “wow! I really wanna see what happens next week!” But with 90210… I read the spoilers on here and I get all excited and then I see the promos and I get all depressed because they show really stupid things that nobody wants to see. Really, Ade’s party? Besides the fact that her character is almost unbearable to me at this point, I don’t wanna see a promo about her party when it has absolutly nothing to do with the big events in that episode. Hello, where are Annie and Liam and Ian and Teddy!? :P

  • Don

    These horrible promos are probably another reason that 90210 isn’t more popular

  • http://twitter.com/nior182 rich dons

    Click or copy the link to watch full episode http://bit.ly/gXKJEi

  • Raprapraping
  • Loops

    Anyone know the song ?

  • Skull272003

    does anyone know the song in this promo pleaseeeeeeeeeeee