Dixon 'The Porn King'? Spoilers & Photos

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September 21, 2009

Here are some spoilers we learned about 4th episode of 90210 Season 2 titled as ” The Porn King “. Some promotional photos also.

Photos by 90210 Media, check there for more photos!

Sasha ( Dixon’s new girlfriend ) drives while her no-nonsense roomate Rand sits shotgun. They stop at a stop sign while Sasha consults a map.


it’s somewhere right around here.


Hmp. porn sure does pay well, doesn’t it?


I told you he’s getting out of it. He needed to make money to pay off some debts. C’mon, you should understand that.


Yeah but, porn? That doesn’t bother you at all?


I swear if it were any other guy, it would probably de a deal-breaker. But Dixon is … he’s special. he’s sweet and understanding and just … decent. And we have so much in common.

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