90210 Spoilers: What’s coming up for Ade!

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May 4, 2010

Now that Gia’s out of the picture and Navid’s preoccupied with Lila, it makes me wonder: what’s going to happen with no-drama-Adrianna? Well, we’ve got some spoilers for you guys from a Jessica Lowndes interview with NBC Philadelphia!

On what’s coming up for Ade during the third season…

Unfortunately, what goes up must come down… Ade’s current stardom as a rock star will not end well and will carry on to the third season. Lowndes points out that  Ade is “addicted” to the drama so it is no surprise that there is trouble ahead for her.

Lowndes wouldn’t divulge any more details on what Ade will do and won’t do — and “declined to rule out any extreme possibilities.”

On whether Ade will pull a Britney and shave her head…

Lowndes didn’t say anything for certain but she hopes that “they let my character keep long hair, but I’ll never say never.” Yikes! Here’s hoping Ade doesn’t pull a Britney!

On Ade’s music career…

Lowndes will be featuring some of her own songs that she wrote on the show so listen up! See what you guys think about Lowndes/Ade’s song-writing abilities!

Source: NBC Philadelphia