Rebecca Sinclair — 90210 Showrunner Steps Down

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March 19, 2011

The person largely responsible for putting the zip back into 90210 is stepping down.

According to the TV Line, Rebecca Sinclair — who took over as showrunner of the CW reboot at the end of the show’s rocky first season — has decided not to renew her contract. The moves comes a week after the soap wrapped production on its third season.

“Rebecca’s contract was up so it was no surprise to us at all,” maintains a rep for CBS Television Studios, which produces the show. ”We have a very strong staff and we have been exploring various people and are confident we’ll find the right replacement.”

According to Deadline’s, Sinclair opted out of renewing her contract with CBS TV Studios because of wanting to spend more time with her infant daughter and to start working on her own projects, mainly a novel, her own pilot script, and a movie. Since production on season three has already wrapped for the year, Sinclair’s departure will not affect the current state of the show. The CW/CBS TV Studios is actively looking for a replacement for the show’s fourth season.

The shakeup is not expected to have an impact the show’s renewal chances.

So is Sinclair’s departure from 90210 a good or bad thing?

  • twanz

    the show was in a mess after season 2 episode 17 so yup!

  • Bubble_17

    dixon,annie and teddy are just a waste of space in 90210 they just need to be wrote off it will be good for the show

  • Lalouz

    i think u are a waste in this life!!!!

  • Frances_cool

    90210 is basically based around Annie smart ass

  • Frances_chick

    I agree

  • Frances_chick

    I agree

  • .:90210fan:.

    Hmm… I feel like this could be both a good and a bad thing. I mean.. the show wasn’t as strong as it was in season 1, IMO. BUT… there were several twists and storylines that I really enjoyed and that brought a lot of drama to the show… hopefully the network can find an effective, maybe even better, person to continue the show :)

  • .:90210fan:.

    Haha… funny… those three + Liam are my favorite characters :P

  • Carmallyce

    I think it’s for the best because I felt like she didn’t know what she was doing.. Didn’t finish storylines and had to many characters to know what to do with.. Get rid of the important characters Kelly and Harry and now Debbie. I hope they bring in a good show runner that knows what they are doing. Half of me feels like they should just end it after this season.. I say get rid of Teddy and Ivy and Dixon they are pretty useless to the show. Bring Deb and Harry about togehter and bring Kelly in.

  • nonone

    kind of harsh dont you think?

  • Jane

    Those three are great!
    The only one who’s becoming really annoying is Adrianna!
    Appart from that I think this season is really great compared to the second one…!

  • yh

    good shes crap

  • Cody_456

    Yes thank god!!!!!!! Season 1 was awesome the past two were not as good.

  • Teddy

    Without Sinclair, old cast maybe come back?? please, say yes! :D

  • fiheasjkc

    this season is the best one yet and i would love to see it go on because its one of my favourite shows and it really is amazing and so entertaining to watch

  • cheesee

     I want some more drama between liam and annie, its so boring to watch them together. There cute but more DRAMA between them. They’re my favorite characters but yeah.

  • Ale_9756

    i loveeee alll the seasoonnssss!!!! is the beeeesstt!!! ade is the one who waste space on 90210 the dramaa between naomi max liam annie dixon teddy silver and ivy is the besst

  • Melichristina20

    when will season four start???

  • Usa-chick

    I Love the Show!! and all the charachters are great for their parts. except for adrianna shes getting annoying. Doesnt matter as long as they have a season 4 and its good…

  • Adel Kahil

    I Think that Navid and Silver are the best couple in 90210 and i am waiting till season 4 to come out …. 

  • Katacummings

    The first season was the best! They need Ethan back that would make the show

  • Katacummings

    Season was amazing. They need to bring Ethan back!!! Ethan!

  • Briannagraves98

    I think it’s good Adrianna’s drama is awesome her craziness is fun to watch I Think NO character is a waste of Space. Some people want them gone cause they just don’t like them in real life so for the people who do PLEASE don’t get rid of Any characters they are all important and deserve to be on the show they are not a waste of space if they are on the show….I think there should be a season 4 I LOVED the Cliff Hangers ….Noami being pregnant and her boyfriend leaving,Annie’s boyfriend Liam Leaving,Adrianna about to kill herself but changing her mind and being crazy thinking that Anyone would forgive her AGAIN,Silver being mad at Adrianna (she said for Ade to got to hell ), and Ivy getting married to someone that MIGHT die soon. I LOVE THIS SHOW and the bad things people say should be thought about but making some Cast leave..for me is like my mom getting rid of my brother who’s been here 10 years …what I’m saying is he was here almost the whole time and then u let him go so it’s like WHAT?? But them leaving for a little while would be fine with me as long as they come back I’m fine cause they deserve a little Vacation. Anyways I LOVE 90210 and i hope there will be a SEASON 5 that would be AWESOME

  • Briannagraves98

    I agree he is awesome

  • Briannagraves98

    I agree but I think Adrianna is a awesome cast member she brings the DRAMA