An upcoming lust-interest for Naomi!

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October 14, 2010

90210′s Naomi has been struck with bad luck this season on 90210 thus far but we’ve got spoilers that indicate our Naomi may be getting a new love lust interest. Thaaat’s right, lust interest! Check it out and see what you guys think!

Is anything good coming up for ‘90210’s Naomi? She needs some love in her life.
Short of love, how about more of the always-reliable lust? Because Naomi will flip for a hunky surfer pal of Ivy’s. No, she will literally flip, seeing as she tries to pass herself off as an expert surfer. The end result makes Greg Brady and his tiki-wearing self look downright agile. And yes, I realize that’s my second ‘Brady Bunch’ reference in this week’s column.

Source: Fancast

  • .:90210fan:.

    ooo this sounds good. Naomi needs someone in her life but I’m glad its not a real relationship because I don’t think shes ready for that yet. :)

  • Elle

    Where is dr fife???

  • kimmy

    im glad its not a real relationship because ,i want naomi and liam :S