Musical Episode of ’90210′?

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March 22, 2011

If you’re superjealous of other shows doing musical episodes (Grey’s Anatomy, House) and you want 90210 to jump on the bandwagon, you might get your wish! Check what’s coming up on 90210 for the rest of the season from Matt Lanter:

“I can carry a tune, [but] I’m not really a singer. “Actually, we’ve got a lot of good singers on the show. Tristan Wilds is a singer. Jessica Lowndes a really good singer. I think we could do it! We should campaign for it.”

You heard him. What about you, yes or no? Comment away.

  • .:90210fan:.

    90210… a musical? No thanks. How would they even incorporate that into a “soap opera” show? Lol I mean.. they could do like a singing competition but the only person that would be interested in joining would be Adrianna and her singing career is pretty much over already. As for season 4, though, I hope there is another season!! :)

  • Britta

    I’ll only watch season 4 if Adrianna doesn’t commit suicide in the season 3 finale.

  • Anonymous

    There is another season :)

  • ischa

    i’m not interested with musical-singing-stuff.

  • Carmallyce

    NO!! Please no.. 7th heaven did it one sseason and oh it was torture.. Please no..

  • LannieLover

    That would be a big waist of time :/