More Spoilers From Kristin

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September 9, 2008

Annie’s love Interest

That would be (6-foot-3-inch) Adam Gregory, who plays jet-setting singer Ty Collins, and at this point, he is not a series regular but is a strong recurring, so we should be seeing much more of him in coming weeks, and if the chemistry keeps on kickin’, producers may make him a series regular.

Kelly Taylor’s future

Ryan Eggold said your big chance to look for a steamy Ryan-Kelly hookup is in tomorrow night’s episode.

Is Tori Spelling coming back?

Nope, Tori is not signed on. The show’s CW rep said the same. But maybe it can be worked out for the future.

Who May Come

Producers have gone after Luke Perry, Bryan Austin Greene and Jason Priestley to return but that so far, the guys have resisted coming on, which, according to sources, might make Kelly’s toddler one very lonely little fatherless child, poor thing!