90210 Spoilers: Get your first look at Liam’s dad!

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April 8, 2010

Casting spoilers were revealed earlier that Scott Patterson, Gilmore Girls’s Luke Danes, has been cast as Liam’s dad. Get your first look at the father & son combo, in addition to details on how their time together will go!

Deets on Liam’s dad:

Scott Patterson plays Finn, Liam’s dad, who has just been released from jail.

On how the two will get along:

Things do go well at first, but like all things on 90210 go, they do take a turn for the worse. Just as Liam totally opens up to him, it turns out there’s a reason why Finn’s around.

What is Finn’s endgame:

Going along with the explosive season finale, Finn’s endgame will be revealed then.. which according to E! Online is something that will “ultimately find him in huge trouble.”

Source: E! Online