Jessica Lowndes Spills on Upcoming Storylines!

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October 5, 2010

90210′s Jessica Lowndes does an interview with Fancast where she reveals tons of upcoming 90210 storylines, so go on.. check it out!

  • Due to the success of the song that Ade stole from Javier, Ade’s life will be thrown “into a whole new ball game,” a “life of fame.”
  • Lowndes says that all these changes will change Ade and “wear on her emotions” a bit.
  • Lowndes describes with 90210 guest star, Joe Jonas, as great and that it shows that Ade’s lifestyle has changed
  • She thinks that Ade will react in a very openminded way to her first love, Teddy, coming out of the closet
  • The change in Ade’s life and the fact that Navid is now a senior will lead problems and drama in their relationship
  • On upcoming twists: with Jen, with Charlie (Annie’s new boytoy), and with Mr. Cannon & Silver

Source: Fancast

  • Max

    OMG.. im feeling sorry for Aid..
    is it only me? or Mr Canon going to rape silver 2?
    i wish not! i hate this guy..
    silver is the best.

  • .:90210fan:.

    I am so excited for next weeks episode:)

    last nights episode was the best so far though!!

    I loved that Annie and Liam were talking again and I was laughing during all the Liam scenes:D

    I hope Ade doesn’t break up with Navid… next to Liam and Annie.. they are my fav couple:)