90210 January 2011 Spoilers: Ivy is Getting a New Man

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December 8, 2010

Kristin from E! shared us some spoilers about Ivy when the show returns in 2011. Stay tuned by subscribing to Spoilers Guide – 90210 site section (blue box below)!

Supersurfer Ivy is getting a new man, a skateboarder named Raj, whom we can only assume she meets at the local board shop. Raj is a superenergetic and good-looking college guy, which would make him dreamboat material, except he also has an intriguing secret that shapes the course of his relationship with Ivy.

TVGuide is also reporting:

West Bev’s surfer chick will indeed get close to a skater dude with whom she crosses paths… at a medical marijuana dispensary. The two bond over a package of pot Oreos. I believe the screenwriting term for that is “meeting groovy.”

  • Anarkix619

    If the writers aren’t getting Dixon and Ivy back together, then why can’t him and Silver get back together? I really can’t stand this Navid and Silver bullshit.

  • Serge

    I hate this “SECRET THING” He’ll be another OSCAR LOL.

  • .:90210fan:.

    Honestly, the character of Ivy bugs me. She is just boring. The most exciting thing that has happened to her was when her and Dixon broke up and she slept with Oscar. :P I think Ivy and Dixon should get back together but if not why not Dixon and Silver? They had that whole party kiss thing last season… what happened to that!? There were obviously still feelings… ugh 90210 writers. Ugh.

  • Jessit89

    Dixon and Silver = NO!!!!

  • jim

    hey sliver i had a crush on you my name is jim i am 24 years old

  • jim

    hey sliver i had a crush on you my name is jim i am 24 years old

  • jim

    i want sliver with a older men he is coolest guy ever

  • micheal.S

    men is plural,genius

  • Calana19

    I love Ivy, she is the only reason for me to watch this show… s1 was cool, s2 is all ivy to me… s3 ivy, naomi and teddy. All the lannie think totally sucks!! annie character is laaaaameee!!
    i will like to see liam and ivy hook up cheating annie and dixon, it will be a good drama for the end of this season :)

  • ilalhim-in-sa

    90210 is just so complex at times…just as you start settling with the dynamics of the show,some one always has to make-out with some else or have a huge secret that changes everything

  • edeeeey

    am i the only one who wants ethan back? i mean c’mon, him and silver kissed and then he left? thats freakin’ ridiculous. get him back! bring some drama into their lives! -.-

  • scooby

    They Might Bring Him Back For Season 4 When They Hit College. I Hope It Would Be Nice.

  • Liinalooper

    i also dont approve Silver and Navid,,i mean their both AWESOME. but, they cheated on their best friend and stuff..UGLY