It’s all about Navid!

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February 5, 2011

Man have we got spoilers for you Navid-fans! Check out what’s coming up for Navid on this season of 90210!

90210. You haven’t had anything about this in a while. A little scoop is overdue. — Jill
Is there a penalty fee? This should pay the piper: Adrianna is going to find out about Navid and Silver…but isn’t going to tell anyone what she knows. “She’s going to process it and acts upon that. She might take it well, she might not,” dishes Michael Steger (Navid). My guess? Not well at all. Bitch is gonna bite back — probably not literally. But you never know.

Steger also says Navid’s upcoming music video shoot with Mr. “Hot in Herrre” doesn’t go as smoothly as he hopes. “Nelly’s producers are really not happy with me because Dixon and I are fumbling all over the place trying to get the video together,” he explains. “Somehow Navid pulls it off. The producers really not happy with Navid because he had people come on set and was very unprofessional, but at the end of the day, Nelly comes up and says, ‘Navid, you did a really great job.’ So it’s kind of like that whole experience reaffirmed that Navid is doing a really great job, and it reaffirms that it’s what he needs to be doing. He has to produce and fulfill his dreams of becoming a business owner.”

Source: EW

  • .:90210fan:.

    Good for Navid :) I don’t mind Navid… I just can’t stand him with Ade or Silver for that matter… :P

  • Carmalayce

    sounds like some good storylines coiming. I try to stay away from spoilers but it’s hard. I can’t way to see what’s up for the prom and graduation.

  • Charles

    I don’t like Navid anymore.

  • Bubble_17

    ade is so dum wat waz she finkin that victor would let her treat him like that nd silver nd navid jus need 2 shut the fuck up like there any even though ade was being a bitch she dnt deserve that

  • Navid Shirazi 2.0

    I agree. Navid’s become a pretty evil guy.