Meet New Guest Star – LAUREL SULLIVAN

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October 20, 2009

90210 is casting new guest star, actress needs to have recognizable name and face.

Her name is Lauren Sullivan, she’s Caucasian, in her late 30-s early 40s. Lauren is a true California libertine. She believes in free love, the environment, the power of music, legalized marijuana, and her daughter IVY, whom she sees as her greatest triumph.

Once a radical Berkley student whose goal was to sleep with all the Rolling Stones, Laurel is now an enormously successful music producer. Laurel is outrageously rich but she despises the normal trappings of wealth.

She wouldn’t be caught dead in fur or a private plan or carrying some designer handbag. For her it’s all about turquoise and beat up blue jeans and a maybe a leather jacket from East West Musical Instruments. Laurel lives in a sprawling home in Topanga Canyon which at all times is filled with various boyfriends and other visitors — musicians, a traveling Native American Shaman, yoga instructors, ex-Weathermen, and artists.

She loves to write and sing and paint and drink and smoke and have sex . Laurel is creative and loving and a hell of a lot of fun but also selfish and irresponsible and immature. RECURRING GUEST STAR.