Former Besties Make the Best of Enemies on 90210, don’t they?

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March 3, 2011

Man oh man, do the 90210 showrunners know how to turn up the drama! Check out these spoilers on what’s coming up for former besties, Ade & Silver, on the remainder of this season’s 90210!

Question: I’m obsessed with 90210 — particularly the Silver/Adrianna plot. Scoop? —Nick
You already know that Adrianna’s going push Silver off the deep end by screwing with her bipolar meds. But what I’m pretty sure you don’t know is what will happen to Silver’s hair as a result: *t *u*** ******!

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  • Tomachad18

    Are you serious, Ade? Wow. Ade’s pretty pathetic. Messing with Silver’s meds? Silver has a serious mental disorder and Ade’s going to mess with her meds? Why? Becuase Navid stopped loving her? Because Silver wasn’t honest with her? I’m sorry but Ade’s character has sure, had her good moments, but since season one she’s been more down in the evil area than up in the good. She’s lied, deceived, hood-ratted around, and even cheated. I realize that that’s what her character does; she’s up and down. Heck, I’d say she diplays more signs of bipolar disease than Silver. I know Silver did something shady, but I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Ade when she does stuff like this…it only further encourages my opinion that Navid deserved someone better, someone like Silver…I only wish Navid would just tell her why he did it, and how he feels or rather, doesn’t feel for her, and what he feels for Silver. MAybe that would put an end to her b*tchy behavior

  • Tomachad18

    P.S. I’m going to say the * say It turns colors…?

  • Linnydru

    It turns purple??

  • Shanson0703

    It turns blonde I bet

  • Guest

    it turns… silver!!!

  • Bubble_17

    silver is dum she shulden’t mess wiv ade cz we all now huz gnna win

  • Serge

    Wow like if silver had a lot of Hair it wont make a difference, besides she’s been q bitch this season and ade has been a beautiful trainwreck go ade

  • scooby

    It Turns Red The Actress Already Has Pictures Of Her Red Hair.

  • Tabitha Mann

    Ok, this friendship is clearly over forever, Ade is going to be the newest villian on 90210, I don’t think she can be forgiven for this one. Messing with a person who has a mental illness is cruel, and dangerous. Don’t do this Ade.

  • seven


  • Bubble_17

    have u noticed it’s always sliver and adrianna havin a argument or naomi and annie

  • .:90210fan:.

    Wow… oh wow… well this is gonna get interesting. IMO, Silver’s hair might look better red, blonde, or heck even pink… after she chopped her hair off.. I haven’t liked it. :/

    Ade is really messed up and apparently her character might be commiting suicide or attempting to commit suicide during the finale. I don’t wanna see Ade’s character die off the show but really she could be a TAD BIT nicer… lately she’s just been a total jerk to everyone. She’s got just about every personality in the book.. drug addict, cheater, one being cheated on, graciously famous, friendly, evil, snobby famous, etc, etc, etc… So what’s her next personality gonna be..?

  • .:90210fan:.

    Btw… the thing is: It turns orange. Cause whoever said she already has red hair is right… but orange fits in the blank…

  • Serge

    I don’t know why is everyone in the side of Silver, she is a whore, bad friend, hipocrite always acting like she has the reason and everyone’s wrong. What adrianna did with the picture was great. Ade might not be a saint but what she did is justified

  • Serge

    I agree Silver looks awful with the hair she has, in my opinion she looks like a man, may be that’s why teddy was in love with her :). what ade did with the naked picture was epic. Ade is the greatest character on 9O21O, I hope that for the next season she be a better person and I hope Silver becames lesbian and start a relationship with Gia she looks more lesbian than ever. XD

  • Steven Jenkins

    Silver has been a face for too long.
    Now that it’s really gotten personal, she should turn heel !
    Yeah ! Silver vs Adrianna in a ?

    TABLES ! LADDERS ! CHAIRS MATCH ! First-time ever.
    Now that, will sell & most of all, deliver. :)

  • Luke

    well good adrianna needs to kill herself they always try to make her character unlikeable then all of a sudden likeable? it’s a good job she’s beautiful! besides they always have to throw big storylines at her to make the character interresting but now guess they have run out so she should die, navid deserves better shouldn’t he have realised in season 2 when she first cheated? she is a bitch and will always be one!!! and Good silver has finally got a good storyline of her own rather than being somethings girlfriend friend or daughter.

  • Jessyshem8

    well ade is a high school drop out and shes been a real b*tch latley ! Silver is sweet but it was wrong to cheat but what would navid do with her, he didnt like her & with all that stuff going on with his dad he needed someone to talk to & I goes Silver was the right one.

  • Sarah

    Omg i didn’t know Ade messed with her meds, thats taking it whey to far and yeah i hate Ade more than i did now which i didnt think was possible they should kill her off. What a bitch!

  • Serge

    Yeah, but in the first place Navid should broke up with Ade wait a little bit and then Silver ask Ade like Annie did with Liam and Naomi… but she backstabbed her friend S:

  • Serge

    Yeah, but in the first place Navid should broke up with Ade wait a little bit and then Silver ask Ade like Annie did with Liam and Naomi… but she backstabbed her friend S:

  • Charles

    I agree with you, Serge. I’m so sick of everyone using Ade’s actions to justify Silver being a hypocritical, backstabbing whore. I’m also sick of everyone using Ade’s actions to justify Navid being a lying, cheating hypocrite. Ade may be a very bad person, but Navid and Silver certainly aren’t the innocent victims in all of this.

  • .:90210fan:.

    Totally agree. I’m not for sure about the commiting suicide thing but that’s what I keep reading everywhere and I guess it would make sense. And yeah… finally Silver has her OWN storyline. :)

  • No love for Silver

    Friends are there for you when you’ve lost your way. Silver didn’t say listen Ade, I can’t stand who you’ve become, until you straighten out I can’t be your friend. No, she f**ks her friend’s boyfriend. She cheated on Dixon, but this is even worse. When she confessed she didn’t even come off sorry. She deserves everything she gets. Look at how Naomi treated Annie when she thought she betrayed her. Because your friend is bitchy, arrogant or self-centered doesn’t give you the right to mess around with her guy. No love for hoes who sleep with their friend’s boyfriend!

  • Serge

    You are so right, Silver is the whore of the show. Near the end of season 2, when she was in a “Break” with Teddy, she kissed Dixon who also was fighting with Ivy. At least Dixon confessed to Ivy, but Silver didnt -.-, besides Teddy and Dixon are good friends Ivy and Silver werent… In the beginning of season 2 Silver also said to Adrianna, when Ade was cheating on Navid with Teddy, how wrong was to be a cheater…

  • Lil_hukka

    yeah, thats what my mum says , but personally, Ade has no right to do that! its so rude. I’m getting married this year and even if a woman slept with my Fiance, i still don’t think i could take a pic of her breasts and post it around, OR mess with her freaking meds! thats low and quite frankly kinda offensive. I wouldn’t be happy, but it takes two to tango Ade! Remember that! Navid was in a relationship with you!! Silver wasn’t !

    Also, everyone should remember that Navid COULD have dumped Ade sooner but he was a huge p*ssy! so selfish leading her on. but i suppose she did deserve it tho. But he couldnt get the BALLS to break up with her. this is how it went “silver! im reaking up with Ade today!” later: “OMG Navid ! Victor betrayed me! boo hoo!” Later: “Silver I’m breakin up with Ade today!” later: “OMG I was just humiliated on national TV!” Later: “I’m breaking up with Ade today!” Later: “I cant be a mother! …. ut I can be a reality star!!” “OMG you’re sooooo self-absorbed Ade! I’m gone, Its over!” ……………… FINALLY!!!! OMG take long enough lol but yeah i hate ADe with a passion, which is weird because i dont even like Silver that much lol xxx

  • Lil_hukka

    Ade woulnt have sed yes tho

  • Lil_hukka

    Ade woulnt have sed yes tho

  • Serge

    Yes Ade was sellfish and everything, but I mean we are talking bout ade, maybe you wont post a naked picture cause you may be a grown woman and she is in high school, in beverly hills…, past drug addict etc… also it was her best friend who betrayed her not a simple woman, Navid and Silver could’ve stoped before but they didnt

  • A.

    Wow!!! Some people have long-term memories issues. Ade has never been a saint. Ade has been a self-centered, good-for-nothing character this season. I really don’t care if she gets her heart ripped off. She has to take responsibility for once, for how messed-up her life is. I am so sick of her:
    - when Annie first arrived on the show, she was a bitch to her, went behind her back with the guy Annie was interested in and got preggers
    - Ade is just a user: she used Naomi, she used Navid, she gained benefit from the death of someone
    - she never owns up to any of her actions

    Just write her off or ship her somewhere else. She’s annoying! And she totally deserved to get cheated on, especially by her one of her besties. Maybe some pain will bring her back once and for all on the right path!