Ausiello Blind Item Revealed… and it’s about 90210!

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March 16, 2011

Whenever I see Ausiello’s Blind Item posts, I’m always stumped on what show and which characters it could be about. But this time around, he gave us a little more.. and it’s about 90210! Check it out and see what’s coming up for our 90210 gang when they return in April!

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: One of the two shows featuring a season-ending pregnancy shocker is… 90210! Which character will announce that she’s in a family way? That’s for me to know and you to…. speculate about.

Source: TV Line

  • Tabitha Mann

    I think it’s going to be Ivy, just a guess.

  • Carmallyce

    Ivy I guess considering she’s getting married. Not much of a shock. I guess she’s going to be the next Andrea Zuckerman.. Boring..

  • Lexi Eve

    i think its going to be adrianna again, but with Navid and its gonna cause all sorts of problems with Silver and he might consider taking her back, and her fame will increase again. Or its annie n dixons mom with the teacher

  • Fyupper

    Naomi! And that’s why we’ll be seeing ‘a lot of max’ next season!

  • Shell-bees

    Its SILVER! because Jessica stroup (silver) is actually prego !

  • hiya123

    its going to be naomi and max because hes continueing into season 4 and they have major news at the end of the series…

  • Kris

    That’s easy to figure out–It’s obviously Naomi.

    See previous spoiler:

    “Given what goes down in the finale between the unlikely lovebirds I’d say there’s a very good chance we’ll be seeing a lot of Max in Season 4.”

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  • Serge

    :ooooooooooooooooooo omg Jessica stroup is pregnant ¿???¿?¿

  • Serge

    No way… Naomi pregnant :/ and having a child. I’d love to see annie pregnant that’ll be fun ;)

  • Serge

    I wish it was the annoying Annie, picture her with a baby

  • Charles

    I hope it’s Annie. Watching Shenae Grimes try to act out a pregnancy storyline would be HILARIOUS. And with everything that’s been happening lately, 90210 could definitely use some laughter.


    I think its niaomi because a recent spoiler said “the seasons finale means max will be a a major part in the upcoming episodes” YAY!

  • hiya123

    or it could be silver (coz shes pregnant in real life) and not navid but TEDDY!!!!

  • Hynesamy

    Debbie Wilson, with Mr Matthews kid

  • bogart

    HAHAHA:)) dixon and silver will have a baby brother/sister:))))))))))))))

  • Kayookie17

    silver isn’t related to Mr. Matthews.