Another upcoming hookup for Teddy!

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January 16, 2011

Last news we heard about 90210′s Teddy and his love life, he will be getting a new beau by the name of Marco. But before meeting Marco, someone from Teddy’s past will be coming back. So go on, check out these 90210 spoilers on Teddy’s love life!

Teddy’s friend from prep school, Tripp, comes back into Teddy’s life momentarily during a Spring Break hookup.

Deets on the hookup? Well we’ve got them!

Tripp and Teddy go down memory lane, with Tripp reminiscing about Teddy’s womanizing ways, and Teddy decides to come out to Tripp. Which leads to an unexpected kiss.. and an unexpected reveal.

Source: TV Line

  • Sammm

    2 hotties hooking up? I’m down. Can’t wait for this episode. Go Teddy!

  • Naley

    so teddy is gay and they cast about hundred boyfriends for him. what about dixon, naomi and the rest of the not-in-love-cast? don’t they deserve someone too?

  • Rob Smiles314

    Will Ian ever be back ? Him and Teddy looked so good together

  • Chrollianne

    NO! lol
    Teddy’s the best character of the serie (that’s why I’m watching it!) So YAY! for these spoilers!!!

  • Chrollianne

    Yeah… That would be cool! But I’m waiting to see Marco’s face in the show, and maybe, it’ll be better with him! Or not and then Ian would HAVE TO come back!!! lol

  • Sammm

    I loved Ian!! But it was the actor’s choice to leave so it’s not like he was written out. Teddy and Ian could have had a stable relationship, but I’m excited for Marco!
    Naomi will be getting a love interest, Max, a nerd and Naomi’s lab partner who she falls in love with. And Dixon gets like no storyline this season :(

  • Bubble_17

    i think teddy shuld 2 time with 2 guys it’ll b more intresting and funny and it’s nt like any show did that even though teddy is quite borin but this culd make him intersting

  • twans

    they are completely turning teddy into a man whore? 3 guys in one season by 13 episodes cuz another guy will fall for him also.. he has more guys than the grls!?

  • Pheana(vee-anna)

    i hope the actor who plays tripp is cute lol