Annie’s troubles aren’t over yet my friends!

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October 28, 2010

So 90210′s Annie has had a rough go of things but things seem to have improved a bit with new boyfriend, Charlie. Well things get a bit worse for 90210′s sweetheart before they get better.. check out these spoilers and see what’s coming up for Annie on this season of 90210!

Brandon: Hot mother of all, when will Teddy come out of the closet on 90210? Also, dying to know if Annie and Liam will get back together?
Actually, I’m only the mother of 1.5, but to answer your first question: Next year. And to answer your second question: Soon. That’s the word on the scoop batphone anyway.

Megan in New York: Any news on my fave guilty pleasure 90210?
Shenae Grimes is the new Bette Davis, yes? This theory will be tested when 90210 launches an All About Eve storyline for Annie. Annie’s cousin Emily comes to visit Beverly Hills and steal away all of Annie’s acting jobs and friends while deceptively pretending to be a clueless naïf from the sticks. Interesting…Any casting ideas from the Lucy Hale/Willa Holland/SMG division of tiny fierce actresses?

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  • .:90210fan:.

    yay!!! annie and liam are getting back together:D :D I hate charlie and her together.

    and i dont know if i like the cousin idea… that storyline seems SO overplayed… and i think annie should get a break and someone who doesnt have a lot of drama should get some like Navid or Silver.

  • twanz

    @90210fan she slept with charlie and your saying yay? y mus he hav his brothers left overs?

  • mkHAY

    soon, eh? thats suprising. im kinda excited, imscared their gonna rush it like every other storyline or either it be the seaon wait with a 10 minute closer.

  • Quinn

    Annie didn’t sleep with Charlie
    Yay for Lannie!

  • Tiwan67

    yes she did.. bed kissing taking of his clothes pullin him into her wtf was that?

  • Faby

    Charlie(Evan Ross) is too hot/mature for her boring attitude anyway

  • Rondell


    NO , she DID NOT!

  • Rondell

    Liam and Annie belong together , I’m happy they are going to date! :)

  • .:90210fan:.


    I’m sorry. I thought I was aloud to state my opinion… maybe I was wrong but I thought that’s what this site is for. And while you may not like Annie and Liam together… they are the couple I am rooting for. I get what your saying but I heard they weren’t even together anyway. It just looked like that. I am sure I wouldn’t agree with everything you think about the show and thats because its your opinion. I am happy Annie and Liam are getting back together:)

  • mkHAY

    is there another spoiler for next episode saying that they in fact didnt actually do it?

  • Quinn

    I read that in 9th episode Annie shares with Naomi that nothing happened yet and Naomi will give Annie “advise” to sleep with Charlie in order to keep him !

  • hurryitup

    I think Annie And Liam should just finally get closer, and get back together.. cause i dont know :// its like its been playedd out really long.. and i am kinda bored. I like the
    Deb and Ryan part that is coming up
    But would really like Annie and Liam! <3

  • mkHAY

    im so glad to hear that!! And Naomi is the worst advice giver ever.

  • Sammmm

    By next year that Teddy won’t come out, do they mean next year (2011) or next year, like school year when he’s in college? I think they mean next year, like the actual year. I hope so, I couldn’t wait that long…

  • Maneesha77

    Even am super happy if annie and Liam get together!!! n thats my opinion!! and I don’t like Charlie..

  • 90210fanuk

    i love annie and liam together they’re so cute! I have to say o alread hate annie’s cousin because shes just going to ruin everything -_-