An Oscar winner joining the 90210 cast.. you don’t say!

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January 20, 2011

Not exactly what it sounds like but check out the spoilers on who’s a-comin to join the 90210 cast and who she or he will be interacting with!

Question: Do you have any scoop on 90210? —Giovanni
Ausiello: An Oscar winner’s joining the cast! Sort of but not really! Allow me to explain: Producers are looking for a “name” actress to play the recurring role of Marla, a faded Oscar-winning actress in her 50s who’s now living in Grey Gardens-esque squalor. She hires Annie to de-hoard her house. Because when I think of home organization I think of either Peter Walsh or… Annie Wilson.

Source: TV Line

  • Carmalyce

    What’s the appoint of that..Focus on the characters you have.. Who cares about a 50 year old oscar winner?

  • Charles

    I highly doubt that any actual Oscar winner would want any involvement with 90210. Nowadays, I’m pretty sure that Ryan O’Neal’s feeling stupid for making an appearance on this show.