More roadblocks for one of 90210′s main couples: Ade&Navid!

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November 25, 2010

We keep hearing about how Silver’s going to get in the way of one of 90210′s golden couples: Ade & Navid.. but we’ve got more spoilers on OTHER things that may get in the way of these two. Check out the spoilers and see what you guys think!

90210 scoop, please! — Dakota
NATALIE: Looks like Adrianna is getting a reality show! We’re hearing that the powers that be are looking for an actor to play Giles, a sleazy Hollywood know-it-all who is the producer of said show. If Adrianna running off to clubs instead of comforting Navid in his time of need hasn’t driven him away yet, I bet this will.

Source: TV Guide

  • Charles

    Could the CW please cancel this stupid show?

    Hooking up Silver and Navid only proves that the writers are desperate for storylines. They’ve had plenty of scenes in the past, so why hasn’t there been any heat between them until now? Was Navid ever jealous to see Silver with Dixon or Teddy? Did Silver ever used to be jealous of Navid and Adrianna?

    Giving Adrianna her own reality show is also pathetic. Quite frankly, if I went from an actor to a musician…to a reality star, I’d probably want to kill myself. This upcoming thing between her and Giles will probably be similar to this current thing between her and Victor.

    I wish that the writers would stop messing with Navid and Adrianna. They’re the closest thing that this show will ever have to an iconic couple.

  • Ayo

    shutup britfag charles

  • Mariale Zachrisson

    this writer are sooo idiotic.. they need to focuse on NAOMI more…. her rape storyline was (yes horrible )but soo good they couldve done a lot more with it… and jen i mean i know the actress was pregnant but c’mon she was the best thing everr… and oscar!… the only other interesting guy in the show… with those 3 they had a lot of drama to exploit!! but NO they have to focus on boring adriana, annoying annie, drama king dixon and the others who bore so much i dont even feel like coming up with nicknames for them… actually i used to like silver but they have made her as boring as adrianna, whom i used to like as well … back when she was a junkie haha but still she was more fun…. ugh anyway i have a feeling they are gonna end up cancelling the show…

  • corey

    I happen to agree with most of what she says! bottom line is the writers and actors cant touch those of the good old days back when the original 90210 was around its quite pathetic in comparision really!!!!

  • corey

    Come on people do not have to be jealous of eachothers realationships in the past to develop feelings for eachother at present. So as far as Silver and Navid go they have been spending alot of time together as friends therefore they have become closer therefore they now have feelings for eachother dipshit!