When will Ade find out about Silver and Navid?

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December 24, 2010

I don’t know about you guys but every time Silver and Navid share a moment (or worse, a kiss!), I freak out that Ade’s going to be right around the corner. Since it’s 90210, you know that she’ll definitely find out– the question is when? Well, we’ve got the spoilers that’ll solve this 90210 mystery.. check them out!

Such a long wait for 90210 to come back. Got any scoop to hold me over? — Jessie
I’m hearing that Adrianna will learn of Navid and Silver’s complicated feelings for one another, but rather than confront Silver, a newly malicious Ade will relish watching Silver squirm as she “searches” for the temptress. Meanwhile, look for Naomi to really branch out when she paints herself blue for a date: a special screening of Avatar. Na’omi, is that you?

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  • Charles

    I’m starting to wonder if the writers are trying to make Adrianna this show’s main villain.

  • Sammm

    She is more like the victim getting revenge. A lot of Navid/Ade fans will take her side.

    But I’m more team Navid. Ade deserved it for awhile there.

  • Miniagt

    silver went all out when naomi came om to teddy, and they never actually kiss or something…. I relly don´t like Silver right now

  • Charles

    I don’t like Navid, Adrianna, or Silver anymore. They used to be my 3 favourite characters.

  • Serge

    Ugh, I don’t like it that way, it would be better if Adrianna told the other girls and they stop talking to Silver and make a revenge on both Silver and Navid :P. Poor Ade I know she acted bitchy but she got what she desserved with the fame thing ! Silver bitch always acting like the most moral person XD

  • scooby

    silvers character is now my least favorite of the gurls.
    she talked bad about her dad cheating on her mom, news flash your in a similar situation that involes cheating.
    shes been with every guy(except liam) and betraed all her friends:
    -naomi and annie when she went with ethan.
    -ade (and technecly naomi because she had a crush on teddy before she knew he dated ade but she backed away.)with teddy
    -ivy (cause she knew ivy was friends with the guys and kinda ade friend cause of her career had to do with ivys mom, laurel) with dixon when they hooked up.
    -ade again with navid.

  • scooby

    and another thing i forgot ade isnt bad she normal and silver deservs what coming to her!

  • Tverhoff

    I think if theres one thing I have learned about feelings, its that you cant control them. And sometimes outside influences push people together and people sometimes confuse their feelings for something they’re not. Silver may be getting into something that is wrong but in the heat of the moment it may not feel wrong ya know? Its hard for people to look at the bigger picture when they are blinded by unknown emotions. Ade is a good girl but shes WAY to wrapped up in her sudden fame that shes forgetting all about her boyfriends needs. As a person who is very intouch with his emotional side, hes going to go to the closest person for comfort and that happens to be Silver. Having someone there for you when you need them and also having someone need you when you need to be needed are two very powerful things that can mask right and wrong.

    I think people should be more open minded with things like this situation because we’ve all been there, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Even Silver.

  • Cgabone

    i agree with you. no one is in this series is perfect and even silver or adranna. she loves navid yes but now she is living in the moment and the feeling she is having and that is the fame. she is in heaven in her little world that no one is even equal to her. adriana will not be pissed that silever and navid are having a thing..rather she will be because she never expected navid to leave her coz she has always done the leaving. emotions are powerful and can blind you from right and wrong. silver may be wrong and navid too but they needed each other and that is what is pulling them together. as for naomi and annie stop talking to silver i doubt it..the thing with silver is that she has always been there for her friend and would protect them, ahs been there for naomi twice,divorce of her parents and not revealing it to others like naomi did the rape incident, and she will be there for teddy soon too i hear, navid and even annie. you can not hide from your emotions. when you have the craving for love and need it as much as the person you want has…you forget logic.
    in this time we all know that nilver is wrong but adriana is not right either. she has taken him for granted more than once and he has loved her when he too needed love…now he gets the chance to experience that..the big test here is to see whether adriana is as understanding as navid. can she let him go to find love and be there for him like he did for her. she wanted teddy but he did not want her then went back to navid who left her, but when she needed him he threw the anger aside and helped her. can she be in his shoes

  • Charles

    I think it’s really funny how some of you guys think Navid’s going to find love with Silver. If they become a couple, it won’t be long before she makes him miserable, just like she made Teddy and Dixon. Silver’s a control freak who always wants her boyfriends to be a certain way, and she hates it when they’re not.

  • twanz

    that is so tru.. her and dixon relationship was very painful to watch after a while.. they always fought and argued.. and she really is controllin and doesnt know how to be there for anyone.. dixon was there for her wen she was crazy and she didnt appreciate his gesture forher on prom night.. and even kissed and was texting ethan she liked ethan!! teddy hurt his leg and had a drinkin problem and instead she helped him she pushed him n had him groveling instead she comfort nd be there for him.. all in a sudden she has foun a new comfrt in navid really?! plz!! she is goin to try n boss him

  • .:90210fan:.

    Any relationship with Silver involved is bound to fail… (aka: Ethan, Dixon, Teddy, and now Navid). I hate seeing Silver and Navid together but I just remind myself that it is bound to crash and burn soon… especially if it started out with cheating…

  • marie

    hey i’m french and i want liam and annie for couple and you??

  • Altangadas

    i like silver she is awesome! i don’t like adrianna bc she always lies and she is selfish! i like silver and navid together a lot! adrianna finds out they’re cheating when she is watching her show in the theather when silver’s picture pops up with the earring

  • Altangadas

    first of all Teddy is a gay k