A new love interest for Teddy!

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November 25, 2010

We’ve got some spoilers for you 90210 fans about Teddy and his upcoming love life. Check them out and see what’s coming up for 90210′s Teddy!

  • The CW has started looking for an actor to play Marco: Teddy’s new love interest who will be openly gay, hot, and super-athletic
  • The CW is looking for an actor who is “comfortable making out with another dude”
  • No word on how this affects Ian and whether the actor will be someone who already goes to Beverly Hills or a transfer student

Source: HollywoodCrush

  • Sammmm

    wait? whattttttttttt? NO! I want Teddy and Ian, not a new guy!

  • Deb4242

    yes! new guy!!!! ian is not hot.

  • Lulu

    What? Noooo!! I love Ian!

  • .:90210fan:.

    haha I love Ian! :)

    But when they said Marco and gay I totally thought of Degrassi’s Marco:)

  • Pushpopp

    Ian is hot ten times hotter than teddy! and he’s nice don’t get rid of him

  • Don

    Ugh! Poor Ian! I don’t want them to bring in a new guy, I want Teddy to stay with Ian. How sad…

  • Janitajasmin

    NONONO! Ian & Teddy should be together, not some stupid Marco…!!!!!!!!

  • J!!

    oh wow well this sucks I thought Ian and Teddy were gonna be together …. the chemistry between these to is awesome …. why are they gonna ruin it !!

  • teddy and ian supporter!!!

    Nooooooooo. I refuse to watch is teddy goes with someone else!! he HAS to be with ian. I absolutely LOVE them. Everytime their on screen my heart starts jumping.

  • loOping

    The actor is FREDDIE SMITH

  • Gera_ar_92

    No !!!! i love teddy & ian .. please no !!!!!!!