90210 Spoilers: New hook-ups!

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January 27, 2010

With all the changes the 90210 cast has been going through, it’s left a ton of 90210 fans wondering if it’s still worth watching. Well TV Guide’s got a reason why we need to stick around and watch the show when it returns in March!

I’m thinking about dropping 90210 from my TiVo lineup. Say something to stop me from doing so. — Alexa
MICKEY: If you were unhappy with the mix of story lines in the fall episodes, imagine putting them all in a blender, leaving the cover off and hitting pulse a few times. Sure, some of your West Bev smoothie will spill out the top (never to be heard from again), but what’s left inside the blender will recombine familiar ingredients in new and interesting ways. The romantics in the hizzy might enjoy the unexpected pairings planned for the spring run.

Source: TV Guide