90210 Spoilers: A “new” love triangle emerges!

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February 4, 2010

Remember how Naomi had suspicions, albeit unfounded ones, that Annie and Liam hooked up at her after-prom party? Well it turns out they’re not completely unfounded — she just had them a year early. Perhaps she’s clairvoyant? Anyway, we’ve got the spoilers on the possible formation of a love triangle between Annie, Naomi, and Liam and if Annie is ever going to get in trouble for her hit-and-run!

Question: I can’t go another Ask Ausiello without some major 90210 scoop! It’s bad enough new episodes don’t start back up ’till March 9th! —Kenny
Ausiello: Annie’s hit-and-run story will come to a surprising conclusion in the season finale, but the repercussions will carry over into season 3. Also, I’m hearing Liam and Naomi hit a rough patch (shocker!), and he’ll turn to Annie for (cough) support. That was a real cough, BTW. I wasn’t trying to suggest that (cough) support stood for something else.

Source: Ausiello Files