’90210′ Renewed For Season 4!

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May 16, 2011

We just got an email from the CW confirming that 90210 will be renewed for season 4!

Update: Looking for season 3 spoilers? Check the link below!

’90210? Season 4 Guide

The CW Network has given early pickups to five of its established series for next season including 90210, which posts some of TV’s largest percent increases from DVR playback, more than doubling its women 18-34 live ratings once live+7 data is included.

Of course, if and when 90210 returns, it’ll be without showrunner Rebecca Sinclair, who decided not to renew her contract for the season 4.

What are your hopes for 90210 season 4?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1454812466 Ellie Burgoyne

    ew dude they’re brother and sister

  • sweden girl

    ivys new husband get very sick and dies, dixon is there for here and they get back together..naomi and her boyfriend keeps the baby and move in together but  in a poor neigbourhood…liam and annie stay in loove but a new girl comes in the picture and starts to stalk liam!!! Navid and silver stay toger…soooo cute!….

  • Hay_hay_n

     i realy hope that Naiomy is not pregnant!! and LIAM gets baack..he is the bomb.. i want a little action between him and annie. theye r so goood 2gether.. and when rage dies.. dixon should get back together with ivy.. and where is annie’s dad!! he should get bach to the house and to his wife and jen should become a better mom and get sweeter and better andryan and jen should fall 4 each other !

  • Iwantian

    I REALLY WANT IAN TO COME BACK and be with teddy again :/ REALLY BADLY!!

  • i *heart* 90210

    ok first of all…for all you out there saying u wish annie and dixon would get together…what is wrong with u? it dont matter if they’re not biologically related..thats just sick! i dont think that would do anything good for the show if they decide to do that. also, i dont think naomi is really pregnant, she did say she wish there was a way to make max stay…this could be the excuse she came up with. plus, the actress annalynn mccord said she wasnt going to wear a belly suit for season 4. i also think since it sounds like annie, dixon and liam are the ones leaving CA to go to college/work…im wondering if they’ll even be back for season 4?? i hope thats not true though, although navid is a great guy, i dont think silver and navid look right together…i wish silver and dixon would get back together  

  • Riannah

     I want A to just be disowned, I really am not a fan of her. Im suprised she didnt jump, she cant just assume changing will gain her friends back. 

    they should include one of the girls becoming a model or something like annie or neomi or even silver

  • Fhfdmk2kl

    i think the two that got married, he will die and she will end up being with dixon and annies parents get back togethhherr

  • Kulaweah

    u ppl r all crazy evryone nos that liam and annie should be together they’re the cutest couple since 19th centuary liam annie  

  • “a huge fan”

    yeah your right they(dixon & annie) are family.they shouldn’t be together as a couple or to have something goin  on..and annie and liam are really good, i love them..Liam and annie forever!!!..naomi and max wer also good together they have chemistry the same as silver and navid.. i think what’s best for the next season is for ade to have a guy and totally moved on..like ivy..right?? thats how i want the next season to happen..i want ethan back..thats all..

  • bh90210

    adrianna and navid :(

  • AR

    i love this show but i do agree with some others on how the show changed so much. I didn’t really like how they made Teddy gay, i mean they could’ve brought in a new gay character because Teddy seems so uncomfortable playing the role and i liked how he was playaaa. I miss the old naomi too when she was a bitch but i heard that she’s leaving the show =( 

  • I<3LIAM

    You people are so stupid!!! Naomi isn’t really pregnant! She just said that so that max will stay…

  • I<3LIAM

    you suck!!! how could you possibly say that about my liam?

  • martha

    come on i would really like for silver and dixon to get back together they make a couple… so writters i would lolve to see that in season 4… which i would bee waiting…… :)

  • Dadou901

     I want Oscar to come back. I do like Oscar and Naomi together!

  • Badstuffs

    But what about Adrianna !!!

  • Sophiepalmer

    bed hopping is obviously the best part, bitchhesssss!

  • Jazzy

    you go sp!

  • Janusjackson

    hello..not original? the whole show is a remake!

  • lily

    i really want , matt lanter and naome again!

  • avalon

    She just told him she’s pregnant, so he would stay

  • Zebragirl

    When does it starts ?

  • Zebragirl


  • Bryantbanh

     I wonder if Annie and Dixon will still be around, of if the show will
    continue to follow their lives in Malibu at Pepperdine and Pennsylvania
    at Carnegie Mellon. Whatever happens, I hope they still stick around. I
    hope Naomi and Max stay together, and they figure the pregnancy thing
    out. Any character they take out, I would guess would be Adrianna, since
    she is officially not part of the group anymore due to that horrible
    deed she did to Silver. I don’t know about Liam, but maybe he can come
    back. One thing I would like to see is a death with one of the main
    characters. I know, it sounds violent and gruesome, but it will make a
    good storyline to follow, I bet :) Also, I hope Teddy and Marco stay
    together forever.

  • lily


  • lily

    no! she is tooooooooooooooooo poor! aren’t she?!

  • rara


  • “a huge fan”

    people are not stupid..maybe some just believe it because they didn’t watch the whole episodes..

  • “a huge fan”

    .of course not!!! liam and annie isn’t bOring.. they are perfect for each other..annie brings out the sweetness and thoughtfulness that liam has.. i love them both.. and naomi deserves max because she is a good friend…a good person..and max is a good person as well..naomi has changed that’s because of max..she turns into a responsible student back then..

  • “a huge fan”

    .yeah me too..

  • Tia

    ALL I want from season 4 is 10000000 of amazing Lannie scenes , because they are only reason I watch this show and just pure,adorable,perfect on all levels couple!!!!
    Don’t dare to touch them!!!!!!!!

  • Becca

    liam to be bisexual are you mad, he’s too hot! 

  • Sanna_kisss

    Annie && Liam to be together in the end but i guess there would be more tense if they get some little issues or something. But for the final end they shell be a couple!!

  • Shiina_hojo


  • 90210obsessed


  • 90210obsessed


  • 90210obsessed


  • 90210obsessed


  • 90210obsessed

    Annie and Liam together forever and move in together.
    Naomi and max move in and become a family with their baby.
    Adrianna tries to be nice,
    another bitch joins the show…


  • 90210obsessed


  • Guest

    naomi isnt pregnant  she prob just made it up so max could stay with her
    !!! rajj is going to die and someone is going cheat on each other and even though i love liam soo much something might happen to him while he is on the boat!!

  • Lima

    am expecting new character  in the next season
    am sooo exiting 
    i wish for more parties more surprises 
    cant wait !! 

  • name lastname

    all those SUCK

  • Prothika

    The rumour is that Naomi clark (annalyne mccord) is not going to be back for season 4:0 please dont do that!! Keep everything the way it is:) n yeah silver n Dixon should be a couple<3:D

  • Prothika

    The rumour is that Naomi clark (annalyne mccord) is not going to be back for season 4:0 please dont do that!! Keep everything the way it is:) n yeah silver n Dixon should be a couple<3:D

  • Trusha

    Yea very true!!

  • Prithika

    We all want the good ade back, not the nasty one right now, she’s horrible:/, need a change in the navid n silver story & yea much more of lannie:D n more of Teddy too! N some more dram an scandals!! Some more stuff going on wid Dixon n deb n Ryan !!:D

  • Prithika

    90210:D oh anyone knew wens 90210 season4 com in back?:)

  • vah

    They’re done. It’s Silver and Navid now. 

  • Bob

    liam gets in a boating accident everyone thinks he is dead so annie moves on then liam comes back and shocks everyone!!

  • Dr Whatsmyname

    silver and dixons spark is gone. its navid and silver now. i want dixon and niomi to get together.. now max aint here no more.

  • Goldengp

    You know what, I would have LMAO’D if RAJ died during the wedding.

  • Goldengp

    I actually was waiting for him to die while watching the episode with the marriage. I was anticipating it, i was so sure it was going to happen while they were dancing or something. That’s what you can expect from 90210

  • Cruelladevil

    Liam has sex with dixon’s mom ( who has aids) causing them to have a baby that becomes mentally handicapped. Annie, being emotionally damaged, commits a double suicide with adrianna because they both fail at life. Liam is diagnosed with HIV and has a couple of days left. Teddy feeling bad, has some anal sex with Liam and Liam dies later on . Teddy dies from aids later too. Silver forgets to take her pills and gets run over by a truck while dancing in the street. Dixon, confused about his skin color, tries to become white like Michael Jackson, but gets killed by a gang of wiggers. Naomi the skanky bitch, gets her throat sliced by that rapist teacher. And no more season 5

  • jkdk

    These are the couples i want together
    -liam/niami (liam/ annie is way too boring)
    -Navid/adrianna (i want adrianna to spiral out of control and navid too help her out because he’s like the only guy who can)

  • Hailie

    The couples should stay the same. Silver and Navid, Annie and Liam, and Naomi and Max are all really good together. I love it, keep them the same please.

  • Hailie

    no, Silver and Navid.

  • Hailie

     No Silver and Navid

  • Lexi

    i really wish Etan come back to Beverly Hills <333

  • Nathalie


  • xx sophie xx

    i want the old ade back!!! and i wish ppl will forgive her!!
    i want to no if naomi is actually pregnant??!!  and if she is what is she gonna do wiv it??!!!!!!!
     AND Dixon and Silver should totally get bak together <3 

  • Carianneannan13

    @1cd633a705ff4aa9e1f0b90ef3573dda:disqus they have already been in a relationship in season 2

  • G-5

    ade should fool eveyone by bein nice but in the end theres a big twist and she’s actually bein messin wit everyone… and she shud get teddy drunk and sleep wit him… or his boyfriend ha

  • cookie monster

    tbh i really don’t care as long as i get to see liam every week :’)<3<3

  • Nicoleee

    the babys dad might not be the geeks,probs mr cannons.

  • Mattroper_

    I want there to be a big twist, and Naomi’s baby isn’t the nerd’s but is Mr Cannon’s.

  • Guest

    navid and silver – dixon and a teacher LOL

  • Guest

    but she wouldve realised before and she would have a bump cos it was like 2 months ago i think its the geeks WHO IS SO CUTE 

  • Guest

    but she wouldve realised before and she would have a bump cos it was like 2 months ago i think its the geeks WHO IS SO CUTE 

  • Guest

    but shes alreday marries :L

  • Chloe

    i agree with they are so cute togther

  • Sinohasasino

     i agree

  • T-Lee

    They pretty much gave A LOT away. Naomi’s faking a pregnancy because there’s nothing she can say or do to get her boyfriend to stay. Anne and Liam are in love but don’t know what they really want, Silver and Navid are taking care of each other and easily forgive each other for their faults. Its one of those shows that you want to know what happens, but in your mind you already know. The characters just play it out for you.

  • toto43

    I agree too 

  • PPL90210

    M-maxik is not being racist!!!

  • Ju

    Annie is so useless and Liam is becoming annoying because of her !

  • Camille_mbayo

    People don’t hate Naomi she is nice, beautiful and caring but she cannot be with Liam for two reason first he doesn’t bring the Nice, smart part of her and the 2nd reason is that she doesn’t really care about him. She is perfect with the nerd ’cause he care’s about her. So please stop hating on Liam and Annie ’cause they are one of the best couples…

  • Kaca

    I would really like that Oscar come back … I was soo sad when he left the show, because he and Naomi are such a cute couple … :))

  • Nellie_ali2009

    well i think that annie and liam is boring and niomi and geek boy is so good together. and silver and naveen is ok with adriana trying to get back naveen and dixon and the girl with the indian guy will go good…. gimme your views people!!

  • Cotelopez5

    naomis baby, addrianna suicide hahahah, liam back!,